Summer – The Cypriot Way

I love summer in Cyprus. Coming from the UK I was used to summer lasting 2 weeks if we were lucky.

I love that summer here ranges from 3 to 4 months long and not having to remember to take a jumper or umbrella everywhere with me. I love that I can live in flip flops for 4 months and I love the healthy brown glow my skin has. I also love that most Cypriots take a whole month off to relax. The company I work for is an off shore company so I dont get this luxury. This is the part I hate about living on a summer island. I know my friends will be relaxing, going out, getting tanned, sleeping all day if they want, while I will be in an office working. Its really hard getting the picture of your mates at the beach out of your head and getting on with work.

But, I don’t enjoy sweating as soon as I step out from under a cold shower! I never ever actually sweated before I came to Cyprus. I literally had no idea what breaking out into a sweat meant! I don’t like that my eyeballs and my tongue actually feel hot! I don’t like my massive electricity bills, because without air con I feel that I’d pass out. I don’t like feeling lethargic after a 2 minute walk to the periptero.

But thats where the list ends for me, there are not many things I don’t love about summer, as I am a summer person. I was meant to live an outdoor life, basked in the sun, which is why I moved here in the first place. I love the feeling of the sun on my SPF 20 protected skin, I love the constant smell of souvles in the air, and the fact that you want to stay up all night and join the tourists out drinking!

What I love the most though, is seeing the families camping out at the beaches. On my drive home there are often  hundreds of families gathered in their separate groups. White plastic tables and chairs arranged in circles or squares, giant spotlights hanging from wires attached to the Thiblogambino, music playing Greek songs drowning out the noise of the generators. The souvles are smoking away, drinks are flowing, kids playing, people laughing and eating. I have been tempted on so many occasions to wander down and gatecrash these beach parties. I am pretty sure id be welcomed too. The Cypriot people never miss an opportunity to share their food with another fellow human being, it’s a symbol of our rich culture and one which I am so proud of! Here’s to a long, hot summer!