Theft – The Cypriot Way

Today I am dressed in black, mourning the Cyprus I once knew and loved. Today has been dubbed ‘Black Tuesday’.

As a dark cloud decends upon our country and we are, for the first time since I’ve been alive, thrown into the news spotlight normally shining on the likes of China and New York. Suddenly Cyprus is the country on everyone’s lips.

I am heartbroken at the way in which we are being treated right now. Please don’t misunderstand me, Cyprus is my country and I love it and am proud to say that I am a Cypriot, and forever will I defend my country and its people. However, its becoming increasingly hard to defend the greed and theft that is taking place right under our noses.

Given the choice between between bankruptcy and having money deducted from my account, I obviously choose the latter. But please, give me the choice. Don’t take my money from me whilst I sleep! From dreaming about the fun I am going to have over the bank holiday weekend, to awaking to find that I cannot even get to my money; ATM’s frozen, on-line account transfers frozen, a violation of our human rights being carried out as broad daylight robbery. I cannot infact go out and celebrate as I have no cash.

Ask me, ‘do you want to help save your country?‘ My answer would be ‘yes of course I do!‘ I dont want to see the country in which my dad was born in, the country I visited as a child, the country where my friends are from, shrivel and die. Of course I’ll help save it. I’ll gladly give my 6.75% if it means we dont go bankrupt. But do not steal it from our accounts like untrained thieves, balaclavas pulled over your heads, peering out making sure you dont get caught.

As a Cypriot people, we are angry, we are in the spotlight, the whole world awaits our reaction. We must be heard, but with diplomacy, we must stand up for what we believe in, but with dignity. We must stick together and help each other. Lets not let the Cyprus we know and love slip out of our hands.