Luxury – The Cypriot Way

Where I was from in the UK, I didn’t see alot of luxury. I saw grey council houses, graffiti covered tower blocks, traffic jams that make you want to run screaming to the hills and homeless people looking desperately into your eyes for spare change and compassion. The only luxury I saw was the huge houses in those areas that you only drove through! It was a quick passing glimpse, a quick insight into ‘what it could be like’ nothing more.

In Cyprus however, you’re immediately greeted by warm smiles of people that aren’t in fear of getting mugged. You’re greeted by beaches and warm weather, the smell of charcol grilled meat. Just waking up knowing you have the luxury of walking the dog along the seafront or hills and fields, knowing it won’t rain while you’re out without an umbrella. You have the luxury of going to work by car or a relatively short painless journey by bus. In the UK, you would have to get up whilst its dark, in the freezing cold, walk to the bus stop, catch the bus than the tube, and sit in a stuffy, crowded, germ infested carriage. That’s not luxury. Luxury here in Cyprus is accessible, its all around us. We have the luxury of not leaving the island and still be on holiday!

I may not be financially rich and I may not have material wealth, but I live a luxurious life in Cyprus simply due to its natural beauty, that is where true luxury lies and we are lucky to live among it. :o)