The horse meat saga – The Cypriot Way

So the UK is outraged that they have been being secretly fed horse meat for over 2 years. It has been smuggled into beef burgers and beef mince for years apparently and no one is happy at how they have been duped and possibly poisoned….one man has come forward to say he has a ‘horse bug’. My silence on this will tell you my thoughts on his ‘rare disease’.

Now Cyprus as a nation of food lovers, where we eat pigeon, illegal tiny birds (that I can’t pronounce), snails, lambs head, lambs testicles and kidney, I really dont think we will have a problem if any traces of horse meat or even horse mane, is found in any of our food.

The crucial thing here is that all this situation has done is highlighting how badly the British population eat compared to how good we eat here. Horse meat was found in processed foods & ready meals. Since moving here I dont think I’ve ever eaten a ready meal, I wouldnt even know where to buy one. In London, my super fast lifestyle meant I didnt have time to go to the butchers for fresh cuts of meat, let alone cook a meal and so ready meals is what I lived on. I therefore would have probably consumed half a horse myself, in the time passed since having moved to Cyprus.

But its not rat is it? I mean the French eat horse and it’s quite a delicacy I hear. So I am not fussed. As long as I dont start growing hooves or jumping over my neighbours fences, I’ll be fine.

Cypriots tend to buy fresh cuts of meat and cook ‘proper’ meat, not processed foods. I would bet all my worldly possessions that my family in the village have never seen a ready meal, let alone eaten one, and good on them for not conforming to the pressures of a quick and easy solution. It doesn’t take long to cook a fresh cut of meat, and with so many recipes online and videos on Youtube, even the worst cook can rustle up a hearty meal without a lot of fuss AND they can be happy knowing that their meal wont ‘Neigh’ at them half way through!