Traffic Police – The Cypriot Way

In Cyprus, we have three kinds of Traffic Cops. The highway watchmen, the terminator bike cops, and the whistle blowers…. 

It’s common to see a police car at the side of the highway. Sometimes they help us see them by staying on the hard shoulder with their blue lights flashing, so that those of us with good eyesight can quickly reduce their speed from 120 to 115. Sometimes, they like to play Hide and Seek and they park their cars in the bushes, their beady eyes peering over their speed guns waiting for us like hunters at night waiting for a hare. On some occassions they park behind pillars, exit signs, anything they can find to obscure themselves from our view. At other times, they can be seen simply sitting in their cars, no radar gun to be seen. What are they waiting for? Perhaps a pizza delivery?

Then you get the Terminator style traffic cops on their motorbikes. These are the ones to watch out for. They are fast and sneaky and they too hide in places you didn’t think possible.

I saw them one time on the Finigouthes, Larnaca, watching a young English boy on his moped. He was parked on the pavement, he got on his bike and wheeled it off the pavement before starting the engine. He put his helmet on ready to go and suddenly they had surrounded him. They gave him a fine for not wearing his helmet (although he had to remove it to talk to them). His argument was that he was stationary, the engine was not even on, but they were having none of it so they wrote him out a ticket. I was going to intervene to help him out but I didn’t think either party would see the benefit so I chose to observe only. Beware of the Terminator cops, they are ruthless!

The last style of traffic cop is the whistle blower cop.

The cops in the tight blue uniforms, constanlty blowing on their whistles. These cops look more like strippers than policemen and I can often see the women at the red lights fantasising about the tight blue uniform being thrown to the ground, until they once again blow shrilly on their whisltes waking them from their thoughts and signaling them to move on. These are my favourite traffic cops! ;o)