Driving the Cypriot way!

It seems like the main requirement to operate a moving vehicle in Cyprus are : a) ignore everyone else on the road and b) pretty much do as you please. We have to also add in c) stopping where you like (with no indication of course – other drivers should know what you’re going to do!) and d) always being on your mobile phone, which helps the Cypriot driver focus on talking rather than driving.

If you have a small child, make sure he/she is climbing from the back seats to the front, as this aides minimizing your concentration. Often the child can be seen laying across the dashboard of the moving vehicle, sometimes they like to bounce from front seat to rear, other times they too are distracted by the parent being on the mobile phone and try to grab it from their hands.

The national speed limit in Cyprus varies from 2 speeds – ridiculously slow and deathly fast. You’ll find that both of these speeds are completely unsafe & lead to road rage on a massive scale!

As well as not being able to drive, Cypriot’s are just as bad, if not worse, at parking. I’m not even sure if leaving your running car in the middle of the road with the doors open constitutes as parking?

I am astounded each and every time I leave my house at the level of atrocious driving and parking in Cyprus. Is it the driving instructors?

I think its because historically Cypriot’s think they are the best at everything. This includes driving. Even when they pull out in front of you without indicating and you hoot them, they get cross with you! They don’t ever say thank you if you let them go, they don’t ever say sorry when they’ve done wrong. This is because they do not know. They do not know and they do not care. As long as they are driving their car the way they want, where they want, when they want, then they are happy.

That’s why red lights are ignored. I’ve been beeped insanely before for stopping at a red light! I no longer stop at them, only for major junctions, but I’d rather risk a ticket by an officer than verbal abuse from the villager in his 4×4 desperately revving his car at the red light not wanting to stop!

I am Cypriot however and am not innocent when I get in my car. I too have passed red lights, I have stopped on double yellow lines, I have double parked down the finigouthes and worse still, I have been caught speeding. Its not my fault, I am Cypriot!