Banking the Cypriot Way!

Since the smoking ban, my local bank is not the same. I missed the teller drinking a frappe with one hand, his mobile phone under his ear and a burning fag in the other hand asking me to come over so he could ‘serve’ me! I smiled every time wishing this scene could happen in Barclays Bank.

But banking the Cypriot way is very very different from banking the UK way! My dad came to visit me and he managed to find out how much money I had in the bank. “How on earth did you find out?”, I asked him. “I told the bank I was your father and I had a right to know and they told me.” I was just as flabbergasted as you are. The words Privacy law, security, and illegal all spring to mind, but what does all that matter when you’re dealing with Cypriot family!

I took a cheque into the my bank the other day and asked for it to be cashed. The teller told me he couldnt do it for one reason or another. I happen to know the manager there but I didnt say anything. The teller told me he’d check with his boss. The boss took one look at me and said “Yes its ok give her the money.” It’s times like this when I love living in Cyprus!

How about you? What are your experiences with banking in Cyprus? Let us know with a comment below 🙂