Yahoo’s political blunder regarding Cyprus

968829_10151404745265880_1442452729_nWe follow internet trends a lot here, and there’s one we’ve seen skyrocket around Cyprus and Europe today.

We do our very very best to avoid political topics here at but this is gathering a lot of steam and we would not feel right if we had not shared it with you our readers.

A screenshot of Yahoo’s weather app, showing a ‘local image’ for Nicosia was shared by several angry locals, with the following message:

Hello friends. It’s me again. It seems that the image on the Yahoo! Weather app for Nicosia, on both Android and iPhone devices wasn’t an accidental mistake, and was done on purpose. 3 days after my complaint, the image is still there! [16/5/2013 13:31]. Even worse, my complaint on Yahoo!, has been deleted, without getting any sort of feedback whatsoever. Not even a “decline”. [Of course not, they know we are right]. My post with YOUR help gathered 342 votes in less than 48h and was in the top 5 to be reviewed. I’ve taken this to a personal level, and have re-posted my complaint for review, and my aim is to make this even more viral than the previous one so it gets noticed the earliest.

I’ve passed the point of caring whether I’m a burden, or a spammer on your wall or newsfeed. Delete me, Unfriend me, Hide me. I don’t care. I’ve put aside all my job-hunting applications, and all my efforts will solely be emphasized on this issue until it gets resolved. I kindly ask you to spare a couple of minutes to VOTE on my new complaint [please give 3 votes which is the max], but it is also important to click the “SHARE” button on this post, so that more people see it, so that they do the same.
Here is the link:

Thank you.


Politics aside, this seems to be a massive blunder on the customer support department. Not quite as bad as the Amy Baking Co fiasco, but one that has already garnered this support request with 1,300 votes (at the time of writing).

We’ll keep an eye on this and update you as it develops.

Update: 13:50 – The request has been removed for moderation by support staff at Yahoo.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 13.53.23

Update: 14:22 – It appears they underestimated how angry people actually are. More and more ‘ideas’ being submitted.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 14.21.47

Update 14:25 – and some more…

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 14.24.09

Update: 17:56 – the 15 top ‘suggestions/bugs/ideas’ are all related to the Cyprus image. People are demanding an official apology.  Over 7500 votes have been casted on the posts that have not been deleted yet. (Source:

At least, a support staff member tagged one as ‘Gathering Feedback’, just incase they missed the tidal wave of complaints this received today.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 18.00.14