The problem with ‘Social Media Conferences’ in Cyprus

Paris_Tuileries_Garden_Facepalm_statueSoooo… the last thing we posted on our Facebook page was that in Cyprus groups there is just way too much spam.

And… the first message we get is a copy-pasted message, in Greek, about how a company would like us to share their ‘Social Media Conference’.

We can’t be the only ones who see the irony here. 🙁

Whilst we do try our best to promote as many events and businesses as we can On This Island (see what we did there!), but we won’t be ‘sharing’ this conference, not just yet.

Whilst this conference may be legitimate and provide some real value, we invite the organisers to re-start communication with us, in a way they would hopefully teach their attendees to partake in PR and marketing.

We are not the know-all or be-all in Social Media in Cyprus, and we know that, but we also have a duty to try and protect our readers from what we feel is slightly… well strange. Should you, as a reader, believe we were wrong in holding the information back, do let us know in the comments below.

Prove us wrong, prove to us that you aren’t just throwing out buzz words in bright colours to part businesses from their hard-earned money in exchange for cheap tips and tricks.

We do however believe that Social Media should be professionally handled, especially for family-owned businesses in Cyprus where we are passionate about what we do and how people talk about us. If not only to avoid becoming the next epic Social Media Melt-Down Horror-Story.

Oh, and we’d love to speak at an actual conference, should anyone be organising a legitimate one anytime soon.