Reviewed : Top 100 DJ Events in London and Manchester

Unfortunately I could not attend either of the two Top 100 DJ events in London or Manchester last night so I asked friends of mine to give me the run down on the happenings at both events.

I asked them for a short paragraph on what they saw, felt and thought of the events…

From London the last I got was some blurry pictures of Deadmau5 and the statement that “Music wise he (Deadmau5) is the GOD” during the event. Unfortunately our sources in London found themselves in Amsterdam today and thus we will have to wait a bit more for any information that they might remember from the event. Can you recall more than our sources? (I know its hard to beat a review like the one above but hey!) Just drop a comment below.

In Manchester, the ‘short’ paragraphs grew longer and longer as they came in…

Sophia said :

it was simply epic, got to see armin and gareth in one night, didn’t get drunk and still had a fab time…6 hours of non stop trance was just the best :DDD

Burcu Ermetal said :

The event started at 10 o’clock and it lasted till 5 am. I can say it is the best night out I have ever had! Though we had to go there by half 7 in the evening and waited in the queue to get the tickets for 2 hours in the rain, it was definetely worth it.. The night started with mat zo and the voting taking place in London was screened till the results came out. As the night got later, the results were coming one by one and everyone was shouting armin’s name for the first place. The music by 3 DJs were quite impressing throughout the night but i would say the magic started when Armin started performing. He came from London to Manchester right after his award for the top DJ was announced and he suddenly appeared on stage next to Ferry Corsten. Everyone was like going crazy! Ferry congratulated Armin on his brand new success and he left his place to him around 3.30 am. Armin’s performance lasted for about one and a half hour and it was far better than anyone I’ve seen before. The night was full of excitement and the spectacular show was finalised by Armin’s breathtaking performance. This will probably be the ultimate clubbing experience for me ever!

Sergei Khon said : (Sliiiiightly long paragraph indeed)

Rain, cold and a queue that went on for what felt like over the horizon …. Was it worth it? YES!!!
Entering Sankeys completely soaking to be greeted by another, equally long, cloak room queue. You would imagine that motivation to party would be quite low, however the bass and sounds that Matt Zo was Dropping made it worth the mission to get in. Starting the night at 10:30 with tunes that made you just want to bounce and scream was a good sign that the night would be epic, but nothing could prepare you for what was coming next. Matt Zo started with some banging tunes that just grew bigger, the bass got louder and the mood just rose higher and higher and there was still two awesome DJs and the No. 1 DJ still to come. As time flew past, and the top 100 countdown continued, it was hard to imagine that we could party any harder….

Enter Gareth Emery, who was greeted onto the stage to a Sankeys screaming, “GARETH, GARETH, GARETH ….”. By this point we managed to squeeze through the countless raver bodies to the front, into what later became a crazy mash pit. The Sankeys resident DJ was expected to blow our minds, and that he did. Playing filthy basslines and making huge drops, Gareth mixed well using the styles of trance and just pure insane raving noise. He also dropped some of his famous songs like Sanctuary that had Sankeys happily singing along and jumping as if the floor was covered with burning coal. Complete strangers standing to your left and right happily joined in with jumping along side you, shoulder to shoulder to what would seem like a trip on E even for those of us who don’t do any. Gareth rocked and left a crowd dying for more from the No. 9 DJ Ferry Corsten. He didn’t disappoint.

Turning it down a notch with more a more progressive, rather than blood pumping, trance Ferry had the club looking like a bus on a messed up rocky road, with bodies swaying left to right with long sounds and uplifting and emphatic songs. The feeling could only be described as a journey through space where the concept of time and motion had no effect. The music just picked you up and carried you from one drop to the next vocal. Closer to the time that the already announced No.1 Dj was meant to come on Ferry flipped the switch and you where back in the blood rushing, bass pumping, jumping style. Filthy drops, insane basslines returned and the crowd was loving it.

And then it came, in what seemed like a couple of hours since entering this trance haven, 5 hours flew by and the time for the big man, Armin Van Buuren, had come to finish the job and take us to another world. Entry to chants of, “ARMIN, ARMIN, ARMIN ….”, the as usual white-dressed Dutchman decided to start with a bang. A song that spoke for itself, in the name and in the beat – Swedish House Mafia One, blasted out of the speakers. Bodies jumping and pushing toward the front to greet the worlds most popular and famous DJ had the front of Sankeys looking like a Piranha feeding frenzy.

This is what we came for, absolute madness, an experience that will long be remembered. But personally me, my night would have been absolutely perfect only after I heard the song I was waiting to hear the whole night, and it came. Not giving up on love brought out a reaction not only in me, but in everyone, that could only be explained as Nirvana. It was off the hook. Armin did what we all expected – revived an already tired crowd, to full strength and then smashed it so well, that even the grim bouncers happily jammed to his tunes. All in all a night to be remember by three words – Insane, thrilling and memorable!

So there you have it… 🙂