The Limassol Jazz Festival 2010

The first ‘Limassol Jazz Festival’ 2010 is an annual music & arts festival that is set to be a landmark in Cyprus’ cultural landscape and the leading winter Jazz Festival in the Mediterranean region, launching a creative platform for international and local artists to entertain, educate, collaborate and communicate an inspirational message of intercultural musical exchange.

Held from the 15th – 21st of November the ‘Limassol Jazz Festival’ 2010 contains three main activities, Music, Short Film and a Master class.

Being staged at various venues around the city centre, the ‘Limassol Jazz Festival’ 2010 program consists of 2 concerts at the Rialto Theatre, starring celebrated international artists, Argentinean-born Spanish guitarist Hernan Romero, and outstanding Israeli bassist Avishai Cohen on the 18th, 19th & 20 of November.

Monday 15th of November

Limassol Jazz Festival Press Presentation & Inauguration
JazzyB 20:00 – 21:00
Free Entrance & Press

Presentation of the ‘Limassol Jazz Festival’ 2010 to the public and Press

HERNAN ROMERO presentation
JazzyB, 21:00 – 21:30
Free Entrance

Introducing one of the greatest guitarists of his generation to the audience, Romero will present his latest compositions. A rare opportunity to meet this living legend, up close and personal within the warm setting of JazzyB.

JazzyB, 22:00 – 12:00
Free Entrance

The Jazz Futures Quintet is a local band that has been playing together for the last two years. It performs on a weekly basis in clubs all over Cyprus. Every Monday night the band hosts a jazz jam session, each week at a different venue at a different city, giving the opportunity to musicians all over the island to ‘sit in’ and play jazz music. On November 15th, the band will be performing at Limassol’s JazzyB inaugurating the festivities of The Limassol Jazz Festival. Don’t miss this pleasingly informal gig that will unfold into that increasingly rare thing, a spontaneous, high-spirited, wholly enjoyable jam session. The Band is sponsored by the U.S Embassy’s Bi-communal Support Program (BSP).

Line Up:
Charis Ioannou: Alto Sax
Ahmet Elmas: Tenor Sax
Stefan Melovski: Guitar
Cahit Kutrafali: Bass
Ioannis Vafeas: Drums

Tuesday 16th of November

Master Class with guitar virtuoso HERNAN ROMERO
The JazzHouse, 18:00 – 19:00
For booking and prices please call 25 661466 or contact [email protected]

Jazz Mingle Party!
JazzHouse, 20:30 – Till Late
By Invitation Only

A get to know each other party, which is expected to raise jamming sessions to a new benchmark. Everyone bring a musical instrument!

Wednesday 17th of November

THE FIDDLER – Short Film by Stelana Kliris
Theatro Ena, 21:00 – 21:30

Inspired by a true story, this film is about a young man who dreams of becoming a fiddler. He is passionate about music and despite his poverty he pursues his dream relentlessly. His goal is to own a fiddle of his own. But life gets in the way and he finds himself having to choose between his dreams and his responsibilities.
Set on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus in the 1950s, this story follows one man’s struggle between his will to keep his dream alive and his love for his family.

Director Stelana Kliris
Tasso – Will Strange
Anna – Beatriz Romilly
Teacher – Fivos Georgiades
Storekeeper – Dimitris Xistras
Doctor – Yiannis Xenofontos
Bus Driver – Pambos Michail
Daughter – Elpiniki Koufopavlou
Fiddler – Giorgos Hadjigeorgiou
Friend – Richard Didonian
Friend – Michalis Koromias

The CHARIS IOANNOU GROUP featuring Vahagn Hayrapetyan
Theatro Ena, 22:00 – 23:30

The Charis Ioannou Group that includes Michael Messios on bass and Ioannis Vafeas on drums, has been playing together for about 5 years now and have already made numerous appearances at clubs and festivals around Cyprus, England, Poland, Kuwait, Greece and Serbia.

This time, joining them on piano will be Vahagn Hayrapetyan. Vahagn was born in 1968 to a musical family and showed his tremendous talent for music from a really young age. He composed a children’s opera when he was 7 years old and later on, when he was 9 he started his jazz career when he performed with the legendary Polish saxophonist Janush Muniak. From there on he has appeared all over the world playing jazz music with some of the world’s greatest musicians.

The music that will be performed at the festival can be characterized as Authentic Classic Jazz that is deeply rooted in the American tradition of the 1940s and 1950s. Don’t miss the rare appearance of this band as the experience of the music that is to be performed is guaranteeing to mesmerize the audience!
Line Up:
Charis Ioannou – Alto Sax
Vahagn Hayrapetyan – Piano
Michael Messios – Bass
Ioannis Vafeas – Drums

Price for both events: €15, €12, €10

Thursday 18th of November

THE FIDDLER – Short Film by Stelana Kliris
Theatro Ena, 21:00 – 21:30

See Description of Short Film from Wednesday’s programme above.

Theatro Ena, 22:00 – 23:30

Recent winner of the Dutch Jazz Award and the prestigious Erasmus Jazz Award in 2007, 26 year old Thierry Castel, arguably one of Netherlands’ leading young jazz pianists, joins Cyprus’ own bass sensation, Andreas Rodosthenous and one of the finest musical drummers and percussionists on the island, George Koulas, at the Limassol Jazz Festival for one special performance.
Professionally trained in Europe, Castel, Rodosthenous and Koulas have toured as far as Brazil and have featured in renowned venues such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Piccadilly Theatre in London, the Bimhuis in Amsterdam and the IAJE Conference in New Orleans, where they were hailed as some of the finest jazz musicians of their generation. This unique performance will feature fresh, impeccable treatments of well-loved standards, and exciting original compositions influenced by Eastern musical tradition.
Combining contemporary talent, exotic musical flavors, and exceptional instrumentation, this Trio will deliver an un-miss able evening of distinct, consummate jazz.

Line Up:
Thierry Castel – Piano
Andreas Rodosthenous – Bass
Giorgos Koulas – Drums

Price for both events: €15, €12, €10

Friday 19th of November

Rialto Theatre, 20:30
Entrance Fee: €25 & €20

One of the greatest guitarists of international jazz that has imbued classical jazz and latin with gypsy flamenco, the musical traditions of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. A close collaborator of Al Di Meola for many years, he transforms flamenco’s passion to absolute jazz enjoyment
Spiced with the exotic traditions that infuse flamenco-gypsy, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean folk interwoven with textures of classical, jazz, and Latin rhythms, composer and guitarist Hernan Romero’s music is both sophisticated and accessible. It is sensuous, passionate, romantic and inescapably infectious. The impassioned strains of Romero’s virtuosity, both as a guitarist and composer, offer listeners a vibrant and exhilarating sound.

With DUENDE, the world-class guitarist captivates and mesmerizes his listeners with fiery flamenco rhythms and the essence of the Spanish tango andaluz. Each rhythmic guitar phrase echoes a distinctive concept in modern flamenco music that literally welcomes you into its beautiful chord patterns. In addition to pleasing your sense of improvisation, Romero beckons you to enjoy the counterpoint of his vocals and that of the accompanying percussionists. Artistically beautiful, sensual and contains the kind of songs that keep the romantic heart on fire!

Line Up:
Hernan Romero – Guitars/Vocals
Sean Kupisz – Bass/Cajon
Manuel Alejandro Carro – Percussion/Drums/Vocals
Rodrigo Gonzales Pahlen – Piano Keyboards/Vocals

Saturday 20th of November

Afternoon Jazz with SARAH FENWICK
Londa Hotel, 16:00 – 18:00
Free Entrance

Local Vocal Sensation, Sarah Fenwick is one of Cyprus’ leading jazz artists and hs been performing inspiring jazz and blues concerts for over 15 years.
A well known supporter of the great musical form of jazz and blues, Sarah has sung with jazz musicians from all over the world.
Her voice has a distinct beauty and wide range, and she is dedicated to good quality live performances. Her favorite repertoire is romantic standards along the lines of songs like: The man I love & summertime
An inspiring romantic afternoon with Sarah Fenwick exceptional voice accompanied by surprise guest star on Piano!

Rialto Theatre, 20:30
Entrance Fee: €25 & €20

Jazz is now moving into a great era. After many years of opposition between traditionalists and modern jazz proponents, fans are now discovering a new approach to the genre which gives priority to mixing, intermingling, swing and the pure pleasure of music.
Pleasure is certainly one of the driving forces behind the work of Avishai Cohen – that together with an insatiable desire to share his passion for jazz with his audiences. There have been too few musicians throughout the history of jazz who were able to create a direct bond between their instruments and the audience. But with his talent and energy Cohen is able to summon the perfect ambiance in a matter of seconds, moving listeners with just three notes and bring joy to the hearts of all who come to see him perform. Constantly raising artistic standards, he has been able to weave this solid but invisible link throughout his career. It is this link that touches the listener deeply and makes a jazz artist a star. The phenomenon that is Avishai Cohen now unites spirits well beyond the borders of jazz. Having moved outside any clearly defined categories, Avishai electrifies the audience at each performance. And now, already enjoying a well-deserved reputation as a gifted and imaginative composer and one of the best living bass players, Cohen reveals himself to be a talented singer as well.

Line Up:
Avishai Cohen – Bass/Vocals
Shai Maestro – Piano
Itamar Doari – Percussion
Karen Malka – Vocals
Amos Hoffman – Oud/Guitar

Sunday 21st of November

Londa, 13:00 – 16:00
Brunch: €35

For reservations please call 25 865540