Love Gun @ klubd (Nicosia)

klubd | Love Gun | 22:05:09
Let’s Go Out

22 May 09


Tony Cusack  & Special Guest: Paul C
€10 incl. 1 drink

free with lgo card!!!
One of the islands most experienced and distinguished Dj’s is Tony Cusack. He has been a regular name in our dj booth since klubd opened it’s door. Love Gun (a bi-monthly event) is Tony’s event. It’s all about sexy and intelligent electronic music in the unique way that Tony Cusack perceives it. Playful, natural unexpected…

Love Gun should be a new adventure for…

Tony Cusack’s love of electronic music came at a prepubescent stage in the mid 80’s after hearing kraftwerk’s ‘tour de france’ whilst insistently watching ‘Breakdance – The Movie’ aged 9. Developing a love of synth bass early on but having grown up isolated from any significant electronic music scene; cusack was forced to pay regualr visits to his cousins’ in the UK. The rave scene in early 90’s Britain left a lasting impression and by 95 cusack found himself living in London. Beguiled by the city’s underground party circuit and clubs like Lost and The End he soon began buying records and organising nights with friends in old squats and small creepy venues around town. “I could’nt mix at first so i’d play 2nd room sets.. mostly electronica.. stuff on warp and rephlex; skam… mille plateaux”. But it was only a matter of time before his skills would come to surface. Now u can hear him relentlessly spinning anything from freaky chicago acid trax, dreamy detroit techno, 80’s soul & boogie to aphex twin and donald byrd. In the last year cusack has moved back to cyprus (a land blighted with many trance-monkeys and hardhouse affiliates) where he lives well under the mediterranean sun, preaches the deep-house gospel, makes music and dreams of playing a set in Jabba’s palace.

Paul C was born in Larnaca – Cyprus in 1978. He’s a guitarist, playing and enjoying styles such as rock, funk and blues. Recently he started experimenting with some software on stage, djing, – sometime mixed with live instruments.

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