Fish – Not the Healthiest Thing You Should Be Eating

Ever since I was a child people have told me that fish is the healthiest thing to eat – that it was pure brain food. While this may have been true at some point in time, it is no longer so. There are several reasons for this, but the main thing we have to thank for making fish unhealthy are corporations that persist on callously poising our oceans. Many years ago, before pollution became such a problem (and was nearly non-existent), fish was a fantastic health food. Now however, what we are consuming when we eat from the ocean is anybody’s guess. Think of this; pollutants get dumped into the water. This is the water that ocean life  thrives on. Whatever is added to the water is also added to sea life, and whatever is added to sea life is added to our bodies upon consumption. This leaves many people wondering what is even safe to eat anymore. Still having a hard time believing that all of this is true? Read on for some interesting, yet scary, facts about what you are putting in your body when you consume fish.

First of all, an estimated 12% of food illnesses in America come from eating fish that has been tainted by chemicals. This is because of the toxins that have sunk into the flesh of the fish. Secondly, most people do not realize that over 70-80% of the seafood we eat has been imported from other countries. Why is this so concerning? Some of these countries do not test for pollutants before selling their products, making it even more dangerous for us. Also consider this; even if a small fish is consumed that has very little toxins in it, there is a food chain followed in the ocean. Big fish eat small fish and even bigger fish eat big fish. So, if a bass is set on your plate the chances of it being highly toxic are great. This is because this large bass has eaten several smaller fish and therefore took on the toxins in them.

In addition to toxins, a bacterium is responsible for fish being unhealthy. Of all the fish that is caught and placed on our plates for consumption, there are bacteria and metals that have covered it. For example, most fish have been contaminated by arsenic, mercury and chromium. These things can cause serious and irreversible damage to our nervous systems and kidneys. And as far as the claim about all the healthy omega 3 in fish, you can chalk that up to one big scam as well. Omega 3 comes from plant based ocean dwellers such as algae. In order to reap the benefits of this you would have to consume a fish that ate a heck of a lot of this plant. Otherwise, you are wasting your time on a falsehood. The bottom line is that it is much safer to steer clear of fish if you cannot eat wild and organic or simply try getting most of your nutrients from whole foods and plant based nutrition.

xx Anna Cortesi