Cypriot-led startup that makes booking awesome fitness classes easy

Viva la Vita is an app that provides a handpicked shortlist of the best fitness classes and activities happening in London, bookable with just a few taps. The app launched in August 2014 by two Cyprus-born friends, Styliana Vasili and Konstantinos Aristotelous.

The duo decided to create a clever app that would allow people to book fun fitness classes out of their shared dislike for running aimlessly in the wet streets of London and having gym memberships that were barely used.


Their app helps people discover classes that you just be found in boring gyms. Classes such as Standup Paddling and Parkour. People are now able to book fitness classes whenever they want at discounted prices. No printing or receipts needed!

Styliana and Konstantinos have already started the process of transferring the development and design operations to Cyprus and are looking to employ young local talent.

Viva la Vita is now raising a crowdfunding round on Seedrs. The advantage of investing in companies through crowdfunding is that ordinary people can own a part of a company that is still in it’s early stages with a view of making a return on their investment in the foreseeable future once that company grows and/or gets bought out by another bigger company.

Viva la Vita is raising £30,000 in exchange for a 3% equity slice of the company. Please note that investment can also be made in Euros. Investment raised will be used to develop an Android version of the app (since the app is only currently available on iOS) and Konstantinos and Styliana have expansion plans (Cyprus included!).

If you would like to invest in Viva la Vita then you can do so from £37 (minimum investment). You will need to register as an investor here and the whole process happens through that website. If you come across any difficulties you can contact the duo on twitter @VivalaVitaUK

Invest in Viva la Vita Click here to find out more info Like Viva la Vita on Facebook @VivalaVitaUK

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