5 tips to surviving a Cypriot village meze

The Cypriot meze is a fantastic way to get acquainted with both Cypriot cuisine and hospitality. However the style of eating, although incorrectly associated with tapas from our Spanish friends, is something that comes as a surprise to many new-comers.

Don’t get us wrong. They’re really fantastic and can be found in both fish and meat varieties (NO. You can’t get vegan meze.) We won’t spoil much about the tastes/styles/etc, but here are five tips worth keeping in mind when you prep for your first delicious meze.

So here you go…

1. Beware of the bread/pitta.

No, it’s not because of the carbs, if that’s your concern you’re going to have a bad time at a meze meal. A meze is like tetris you play inside your tummy with yummy food, and bread is those annoying squiggly pieces when you need a straight line.

2. The little plates that arrive first are a trap.

Whilst delicious and tempting, don’t confuse a meze for tapas, there’s more to come still. Approach with tact, and keep your eye on the prize, the ‘mains’.

3. Pace yourself.

No seriously. You can always spot the newbies asking ‘how many more?’ and explaining at how “they’re still coming out!”.

4. Expect at least 3 meat/fish plates.

So much yummmmy meat/fish! When the third plate of mains arrives, you’re golden to let loose as you’re over the half-way mark. Dig in and don’t look back.

5. Expect lots of passing the parcel.

The main element of a great meze meal is the sharing of all that it contains and the sort of group effort that spontaneously occurs during the devouring of these delicious meals.

Extra: It’s not just about food.

Arguably the most important piece of any great meze meal is the company you share it with. Invite a few friends, family members or neighbours and enjoy!

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