Zo Yia Romanzo by klubd (Larnaka)

Zo gia romanzo. A bold attempt to revitalize the lost meaning of love, romance and passion. Essential theories ignored and forgotten by today’s society. Sometimes stress and the anxiety of our life paths, make us behave in such a way, that we forget and we marginalize the basic ingredients of life. We get distant from each other. Distant from our parents. From our friends. From our loved ones. Distant from our own selves. Life is not made out of magic. Life is made out of us. We make magic through love. Through the monotony and the boredom of our routines, we reach for the opportunity to bring back the lost meaning of true love. We have missed being seduced by romance, by love on first sight. We are ready to claim back what is ours. We are ready to fall in love again.

Located near Larnaca, next to the Dekhelia powerhouse, is our foundation of love. We will transform it into a love nest. A place where you will challenge, effectuate, dedicate, surrender, immortalize, express, explore and most importantly REDISCOVER yourself. Supported by a powerful sound system, unique scenery and an extraordinary setup made out by the klubd crew, Romanzo will make sure you experience the magic we are all after. Music will be delivered by our exceptional djs Aristodemos (Exotica Events), I.O.D (Klub D, Sousami, Xorko) and a live performance from Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod (Visionquest – Berlin).

Entrance: 15Euro + 1 Drink
Timetable: 22:00 – 06:00

Event contributed to OnThisIsland.com by Christos Andronicou through the Cyprus Events Application on facebook.