Ultraviolet presents GetDarker Dubstep @ Guaba Beach Bar (Limassol)

Ultraviolet presents GetDarker Dubstep – Guaba Beach Bar
Tunnidge – creator of the Brixton Bass:

In a period where Dubstep affiliated artists are making headlines and achieving mainstream success, on the flipside there remains a simmering melting pot of creativity, driven by a dedicated community of heads ensuring the underground has never been stronger. Veteran producer Tunnidge is a key proponent of this movement, and is devoted to pushing positivity and innovation whether its manning the decks at locations around the world, conjuring magic on the buttons, running a vinyl label or etching designs behind an easel.

Tunnidge hails from near South Londons well documented creative hub of Croydon, and draws from a unique arsenal of beats composed in varying styles around the 140bpm mark, all with an emphasis on devastating sub-frequencies. Friends with DMZs Mala since school days, Tunnidges initial involvement in the fledgling Dubstep scene came through sharing his love for art, and designing the artists portraits on Malas seminal Deep Medi imprint. These Medi heads have since become synonymous with the label and together with his burgeoning production skills, Tunnidge unleashed his inaugural Medi release, the earth shattering Geddeon / Face Melt to widespread acclaim.

Rapidly building a dedicated fan base with his uncompromising sound, Tunnidge continued to release on influential labels including Boka Records, and was the first artist invited to release a solo effort on Dj Distances highly respected Chestplate Records with the essential Seven Breaths / Fear 12. Not one to rest on his laurels, Tim has further demonstrated his industrious nature and A&R skills in heading up the promising Origin Audio, and in addition to creating a platform for his own productions, the label provides a vinyl outlet for some of Dubsteps rising talents.

Tunnidge is an integral part of the Get Darker outfit who collectively are instrumental in disseminating quality progressive music across the globe, and as well as applying dubplate pressure on the famous Get Darker ones and twos on a regular basis, he featured on the labels second release with Control, one of the most punishing beats of 2011 and the sublimely contrasting flip Decay. With his Deep Medi catalogue already extended with the colossal Dark Skies/ Tribe plate, and huge plans in the pipeline for both his Deep Medi & Chestplate families, expect another landmark year in 2012 from Tunnidge as he continues imprint his qualities, music and vibes across the Dubstep community.

Darkside – GetDarker CEO:

A prominent figure in the dubstep scene, his tireless efforts from very early on in the genre’s birth has seen his project GetDarker rise to a highly respected and reliable source for dubstep music.

Being easily one of the most popular yet credible brands throughout dubstep. An endorsed independent online magazine devoted to dubstep music and UK underground culture. Evolving from an original site launched in 2003, GetDarker has since expanded beyond its London, UK roots and now has strong support from a global audience.

GetDarker has bolstered its brand as an award-winning leader in dubstep via the TV-advertised compilation series This Is Dubstep, weekly GetDarkerTV webcasts (every Tuesday evening), a Top 15 podcast, merchandise and exposure at UK festivals and international tours. Showcasing the full spectrum of the genre, these multi-media platforms have provided exposure to up and coming artists as well as bringing the audience closer to the scene’s up-and-coming talent and of course biggest stars.


Artist Links:
Tunnidge: www.facebook.com/TunnidgeDubstep
Darkside: www.facebook.com/darksidegetdarker
Duku: www.soundcloud.com/duku-1
Sibla: www.soundcloud.com/sibla
Rat: www.soundcloud.com/rat_9



Design: www.serieseight.com

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