Turkey Pressures NOKIA to remove Cyprus Maps

From the in-our-inbox section where users point out articles for us to follow up on.

A small bit of the internet has been going off like mad about NOKIA’s decision to remove GPS/Mapping for the whole of Cyprus.

There are many discussions all over the internet about the decision, some quote NOKIA staff stating that due to pressure from the Turkish Government the company decided to remove the mapping.

The maps on NOKIA handsets and maps.ovi.com used to contain street names, and building information, but is now blank and showing the ‘division’ as the only feature of the island.

The discussion on the official NOKIA discussions site has an answer from an employee of the company stating :

Nokia has recently become aware of reports in Cypriot media related to its offering of Ovi Maps and navigation services with Cyprus map data not being included.

Nokia is currently in discussions with both the Cypriot authorities and representatives of Turkish-Cypriot community to find a solution for the case. For the time being, the Ovi Maps offering does not include detailed Cyprus maps.

Nokia naturally respects and acknowledges the sovereignty of the republic of Cyprus. As per Nokia´s long-standing policy, we are committed to neutrality and impartiality concerning political issues.

Nokia wishes to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Although we normally stay well away from politics and foreign affairs, this is a business decision of a technological company that affects the tourism of the island as a whole. The information given above is simply what was found on the internet and cannot be taken as the full story.

What do you think? Foreign affairs blunder by Turkey? Why should people care? Is any attempt to change this just futile?