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  • Cyprus Events application update

    Well since the last time I posted about the Cyprus Events application, was back in June, I figured I would give the promoters a reminder as to why we aint going anywhere. With a new version rolling out shortly, on top of the recent design upgrade, we now have over 3000 users, with 10% of […]

  • Promoters Rejoice!

    Promoters Rejoice! The Cyprus Events application has surpassed 2000 Users and has an average of 147 Daily Users, excluding those who click through to events found listed on users profiles. OnThisIsland.com has clearly made the first step into integrating Cyprus Events into social networks. The number of users has more than tripled since last week!

  • Cyprus Events Application Reaches 600 Users

    The Cyprus Events Application has been added by 600 facebook users! With the rise in popularity, we will be putting a lot more effort into the project, providing the latest events in a way that is easy to use and good looking enough to show off on your profiles. 🙂 Watch this space for more […]