Stranded in Cyprus? Tell us.

With the continuous and unpredictable airspace crisis occuring due to the eruptions of the Icelandic volcano, we have been approached by several of our readers, to offer a unified front in gathering information from the local authorities on the situation and the steps being taken to ease the cases of those stranded here.

Many have complained that getting information is almost impossible, and we understand. Call centres are being overloaded and there are many external bodies acting on the situation.

So we have decided to call for your stories, in the hope that we can try in any way possible to gather more information on your behalf. In order to be able to do this effectively we would need to show that there are many of us who need more information that we are currently providing here from the external bodies.

According to many sources, people have been told that the amount of people needing to get back is too small to allow for plans to be made by the local authorities.

So if you are stranded here, whether a citizen of the island or a stranded tourist, whether you need to travel for business or any other reason, leave a comment below.

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