Our first step to help rebuild the economy of Cyprus through freelancers and entrepreneurs.

The last few weeks have been a nightmare. They’ve been horrendous for almost everyone involved with our island, and its businesses.

Much has been said about the causes and effects (both apparent and speculative) surrounding the bailout and its requirements, but not much has been said about the recovery, the rebuilding of our economy or the entrepreneurial spirit our islanders are known for.

At both ektagon, and OTI, I have the honour and privilege to be able to work with great companies island-wide who also, like myself, have a desire to help out talented individuals. Whilst consulting our clients and partners in Cyprus, and ensuring that onthisisland‘s readers were constantly updated, I was implementing a plan. A plan that would help other businesses, consultants and freelancers alike. A plan that encompassed an idea I’ve had for over two years, but is now more necessary for our island than ever…

It is with this ideology in mind that I am proud to announce the first part of our fourfold plan:


Through RentADeskCyprus we are working to broker some amazing office spaces from our partners, and make them available to you at unbelievable prices (that include internet, utility bills, secretarial services and as much coffee as one could drink).

I honestly believe that it is by helping entrepreneurs stand on their feet, that they will be able to one day open their doors to new staff, new ideas and rebuild a stronger economy.

Oh and bigger businesses, we have not forgotten about you, although we are building up a network of great work spaces, do feel free to get in touch should you wish to find out how you can share your space and cut down some of your overheads.

It’s a first step, for us, for you, and most importantly for Cyprus.


– Hector Kolonas

Update: RentADeskCyprus became Desk&Co

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