Editorial Notes

  • OnThisIsland joins Twitter

    As you know by now, OnThisIsland.com finds and explores all the latest technologies to get our content to you our readers. Along with our RSS feeds, Cyprus Events facebook application, e-mail subscription and the actual website itself… we now introduce to all users of Twitter, the OnThisIsland.com Magazine Account. Feel free to follow us on […]

  • Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

    Hey there all, many users may have noticed a brief interruption to our service due to an outrageous spike in readers awaiting tonight’s Exclusive Interview with Stavros Flately from London. This has been fixed and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. We’re back and ready for tonight.

  • Happy Valentines Day Cyprus!

    We at OnThisIsland.com hope you all find the (or a) special someone who gives you an exceptional day (and night) ! Whether it be blooming romance or a lust-filled passion-frenzy*, we hope you get it! Thanks for your growing support. Stay safe. OnThisIsland.com Team *In the smart words we’ve muttered a few too many times […]

  • And so it begins!

    Welcome to the all new OnThisIsland.com! We have brought in authors and works from across the island to start off what we hope to become a global forum from which authors and contributers will be able to get their ideas, opinions and media onto the net, without any previous knowledge of web-design, programming or search […]