Sean Paul in Limassol!?

Ok, we’ve been hearing about this event from various sources, being asked about it on emails, facebook and sms… so WILL SEAN PAUL BE PERFORMING IN CYPRUS?

On our first research mission we found out that Sean Paul will in-fact be performing in “Cypres” (As he called our island on this tweet) on the 7th of August in Kyrenia… and thats where the search stopped.

We then heard more rumours about him making a visit to Limassol for a gig, so we sent out another research mission, this time returning that he is booked to perform in Limassol on the 15th of August. We know that he is booked by Dolce Club, but the actual location of the event hasn’t been announced we understand.

There you go and please correct us if we’re wrong or you know any more details that have escaped our missions. 🙂