Reviewed : Sister Bliss & Sudha in Nicosia

faithless_a-1I don’t normally write reviews personally, let alone upon returning to my computer after a night out…

But these two from FAITHLESS dropped some baselines that kept me moving throughout their set. Placing this as my best set of the Christmas holidays,  followed very closely by Anthony Scott and Marcel Woods at Bling in December 2008.

As I’m typing this the photos are being prepared online and the videos slightly edited. So they will be online shortly.

The night started with two warm-up sets by Tempa and Harry Borg.

But the two from Faithless blew us away when we were all warmed up. We wish them both a safe journey home and would like to thank them and the organisers for a great night.

If you didn’t go, and you like Electronic Dance Music (EDM) I believe you missed out, and I hope you at least made the Marcel Woods event by AngelSounds for your EDM fix. If you did go, what did you think?