A Raver Asks, Moguai Answers

After several great interviews with DJs both from Cyprus and around the world, we decided to launch our A Raver Asks section. Here we put ravers’ questions directly through to the biggest and best DJs. The lovely Jennie Grenka fired a few questions at  Moguai who is Germany’s very own tech-wizard that is continuing his domination of the global market with yet another solid, ear-pricking release.

His new EP, ‘8001 / Stay Planetary’, looks set to be his biggest to date. After the runaway success of previous singles, NYCE / BLAU and Oyster (and his much sought after remixes of label mates Michael Woods and EDM royalty Moonbeam), these new cuts see Moguai honing his live-come-dj sound into a terrifyingly poignant double header – and one that’s set to take the electronic music community by storm. (See info on Moguai’s previous release covered by OnThisIsland.com. )

[audio:http://www2.onthisisland.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/onthisisland.mp3|autostart=yes|titles=Moguai OnThisIsland.com Greeting]

So here’s what he had to say to questions that a fellow raver had to ask :

Jennie : Firstly, we’d like to thank you Mr. Moguai for taking the time to answer a few questions for our “A Raver Asks” collumn at OnThisIsland.com!  So to start from the beginning, how did your career in the music industry begin?

Moguai : It was the most common way; I started to dj, playing at private parties, mixing promo tapes (Yes, tapes, not CD´s ;)) and handing them to promoters, making more promo tapes, handing out to even more promoters, in the hope that someone will give you a chance. From that point things came naturally – I started to make music and i am glad there’s people that liked it.

Jennie : And what do you think got you to where you are now? Is there any one single factor that you believe helped the most?

Moguai : My music is a mixture of different styles, it was problem a few years ago when my booker said to me: ‚You are not Techno, you are not House, you are not Breaks“…what should i do?. But in the end i think it was this versatility that helped me.

Jennie : How would you describe the Moguai sound?

Moguai : Vintage-emotional-electronic-punk-rock

Jennie : Where does your inspiration come from?

Moguai : It can be anything, the t-shirt of someone passing my way, or a song i hear in the car standing next to me at the traffic lights, so there is no certain source for inspiration. It keeps things fresh and exciting.

Jennie : Have you ever heard about the Cyprus EDM scene and would you consider coming here for a gig?

Moguai : To be honest i haven´t heard that much about the Cyprus scene, but i am always excited to meet new people and new places, so of course i would consider coming for a gig.

Jennie : What were the most memorable events you have played at and why?

Moguai : There are many unforgettable moments, for example playing at the legendary Brixton Academy in London.

Jennie : How important is the crowd at your gigs and what do you expect, or even love to see, from it?

Moguai : The crowd is the most important thing, of course, and every artist loves to see when the crowd goes completly mad, a sign that you are doing everything right at the moment. It’s always a good feeling 😉

Jennie : You could say that Cypriot ravers are a friendly crowd and love interacting with the DJs that come here. Do you like to get to know your fans?

Moguai : Every scene, or place has its unique type of people, and it´s always interesting to meet these different characters. This is what makes it so special when you play international gigs, every gig is unique and I’m sure Cyprus has many of ist own unique qualities.

Jennie : Cyprus has plenty of upcoming talents and local DJs open for big names more and more. What advice would you give to someone trying to become a DJ or producer?

Moguai : Never give up, believe in yourself, and keep working hard for your goals! Never lose sight!

Jennie : What do you think of today’s EDM scene and how do you fit in it?

Moguai : The electronic music scene is growing, whether it´s Trance, techno, house or progressive which is really great. However, when I listen to the beatport top100, most tracks sound the same, there are only a few songs that are really outstanding. My goal is to make these outstanding tracks 😉

Jennie : How do you come up with your sets and choose which tunes you are going to play at particular events?

Moguai : I just try to catch the vibe and the atmosphere coming to an event. I always try to be at the location at least 1 hour before my gig, so i can talk to people, see what they are into, listening to the dj playing before me and more information. It makes it alot easier for me to pick the right tunes and also I am a very sociable person.

Jennie : Are there any artists you relate to and admire for their talents?

Moguai : Deadmau5 is a really talented guy, always love his music and enjoying his live shows. If you get the chance to see him, do it 😉

Jennie : Who do you want to see topping the Top 100 Dj’s results? If you don’t mind telling us.

Moguai : Oh, that´s difficult to say. There are so many people doing so many great jobs. Whoever makes it to the top, it will be well deserved.

Jennie : You’ve already had a few releases with Mau5trap records, and we’ve been lucky enough to experience your latest EP (8001/Stay Planetary) and were unsurprisingly impressed, what are your goals and ideas for future releases?

Moguai : There are so many great things that will happen in the near future, some singles, a compilation and a new album in april next year, so keep your eyes and ears open ?

Jennie : One last quick question, what is ‘Moguai’? Is there more to the name?

Moguai : Haha, i always get asked this question. My sister studied architecture in the early 90s and had a project of a club in Barcelona she called „Moguai“. I liked that name so much that my alias was born ?

Jennie : Thanks again Moguai! We hope to see you rocking our venues on this island shortly 🙂