OnThisIsland Game Of Year 2009

The curtain for the 2009 games has closed and so it is time to make that cliche, Game Of The Year list, which is a big part of the gaming culture. In making this list it’s important to note that yearly updates of franchises, such as FIFA and PES, are not considered as candidates unless they bring something really fresh to the table. Also the PC gaming receives basically no love from me as i am a console gamer and therefore i may have omitted some excellent PC only games this year. Please feel free to let me know and we can include them.

On a personal note unfortunately i did not have the pleasure of playing games like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin’s Creed II and Forza 3 which could have been valid candidates. However, i suspect that even if i had my choice would still have been the same. My GOTY is Demon’s Souls (PS3), an action-RPG which has only been released in Japan and the US so far (a good thing that the PS3 is region free when it comes to games). It’s a brilliant game and can not recommend it enough.

Also worth mentioning is that for the first time since it’s launch the PS3 probably had the better exclusive titles than its rivals. It was about time.

Some games i really enjoyed playing and would like to recommend are Uncharted 2: Amond Thieves (PS3), Machinarium (PC).

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Costas Taliadoros is an accountant by profession but a gamer at heart. He was born in Nicosia in 1977 and was raised by Donkey Kong. At a very young age he started piloting F-15 Strike Eagles over the Iraqi and Libyan deserts and has also seen action in an M1 Ambraams tank somewhere in Eastern Europe fighting against the Soviets. As the years went by, he was integrated into Civilization until he finally conquered the world and sent the first human mission to Alpha Centauri. He graduated from the International Superstar Soccer academy and moved back to Cyprus to start his career. In this dark period of his life he fought and swore against 3 more Master Chiefs on a 4-way split-screen all day and night. It was around this period that he also started traveling to Live in many places around the world but mostly the USA. There, he met a lot of young American teenagers who were willing to discuss topics like his mother and the colour of his skin in great detail. It only strengthened his belief that he still has a lot to learn in this life. Nowadays Costas can be found on a couch playing games with friends and foes, with beer in close proximity. He is just a non-professional “writer” who loves games, books, comics, football, and running. He is also writing in the video-game site he co-founded, www.forevergamers.com, and on his personal blog, www.lostingames.net.