NIVO & STAN @ Sesto Senso Club (Limassol)

Nikos (NIVO) Vourliotis & Stratos (STAN ) Antipariotis Live
Mamouth Productions proudly presents Nivo (Nikos Vourliotis) and Stan at Sesto Senso club.

With Dj Vox on the decks, get ready for an unforgettable night!

Entrance fee: 20 euro including a drink

For reservations call: 96518461/99266686/99050519

Nikos (NiVo) Vourliotis is the front man of Goin’ Through, one of the most influential hip hop groups in Greece, as they have released 7 albums, 2 soundtracks, and several CD singles during their 17 year long career, while they have also performed live countless times in front of thousands of fans, in & out of Greece (USA, UK). In their 2004 album, titled “La Sagrada Familia”, which was awarded a Golden Disc for selling over 25.000 copies, Nikos personally secured the involvement of Guru (leader of Gangstarr & Jazzmatazz) who believed in the group and contributed lyrics to one of the songs. In their album, called “Vendetta” (which also sold over 25.000 thousand copies while its leading single was downloaded legally over 200.000 times) Nikos once again personally achieved to persuade 7L & Esoteric (one of America’s most respected underground groups) to produce and co-write a song for Goin’ Through, something which became an instant club hit in Greece!

Aside from Goin’ Through, Nikos Vourliotis is the No 1 Hip Hop & R’n’B DJ in Greece and one of the most “up to date” DJs in Europe. His record label “Family The Label” which is managed by Rock Management, has been releasing Hip Hop records since 1997 and is also active in event production, having organised countless parties during the last 5 years.

Within the Greek borders he is also considered to be a TV personality as his show “Street Beat” (1997 – 2009) is aired by Greece’s top music channel, MAD TV, and is the only TV show which is linked to the urban music & culture. From autumn of 2009 he is host in his own late night talk show in ANT1 TV called “Kalinixta Ellada”.

He has released various Hip Hop compilation CDs which brought together elements of the mainstream as well as the underground Hip Hop genre.

Being the smart dresser that he is and always taking care of his image, Nikos was awarded in 2005 with one of the most prestigious awards in Greece “Man Of The Year / Most Stylish Man of The Year” given by Status magazine. Three years after he was chosen to be part of the “Capture The Flag” project of New Era along with top global celebrities. He designed his own 59 hat for New Era that had been released worldwide in a limited edition.

His last target is movie business!! He participated successfully in a basic status role in the movie “Lufa & Apallagi” a Greek blockbuster (over 0.5 million tickets!!) earning the best critics. Goin’ Through also composed the soundtrack that became a major success!!

February of 2010 new e-single of Goin’ Through “Polla provlimata” has been released. That song is the soundtrack of the new film of Village Roadshow and Black Orange “180 Moires”.

June of 2010 new album of Goin’ Through “Joker” has been released, and the summer of 2010 Goin’ Through and Family will be on tour all over Greece.

Finally, having earned the respect of many established, international and local, Hip Hop and mainstream artists, as well as the love of the audience knowing and handling urban music as if he was born in Brooklyn and having excellent relations with the companies with whom he has worked in the past

Nikos is truly one of the largest music personalities with endless possibilities and options.

Event contributed to by Hector Inztinkt Kolonas through the Cyprus Events Application on facebook.