Minus One Live @ Heaven Rock Garden (Ayia Napa)

Celebration for the 16th anniversary of the existence of the Official Madhouse of Ayia Napa.


Sixteen years of insisting of being the only different and alternative place instead of going with the flow and changing almost monthly to suit whats hot lately. BUT still managing to be the hottest bar in

Ayia Napa for all this time, is an accomplishment that requires a lot of celebrating and serious Rocking.

Minus One are coming back for another night of pure live rock to shake Heaven Rock Gardens ground once again.

If youve been there the last time then you know it. If you missed it last year, heres your chance to be a part of what people who were there were talking about making you mad that you missed it

Come celebrate your choice to be different once again.

Event contributed to OnThisIsland.com by Drew Andreou through the Cyprus Events Application on facebook.