Lithos @ 7 Seas (Limassol)

Lithos Rock Band were formed in 2009, originally a 2 piece band. Since then, Lithos has grown into a 5 piece band going through approximately 5 line-up changes, until only recently was the jigsaw puzzle completed with the addition of lead guitar.

Lithos play a wide variety of rock music consisting of, classic rock songs from the 1960’s to present day, as well as punk/american punk anthems & greek rock.

As a band, we have ambitions to record our own music & perform it wherever it may take us & enjoy performing to many audiences.

Lithos consists of:
Chris Neocleous Lead Vocals.
James Owens Lead Guitar & Vocals
Nik Lavithi Bass & vocals
Paul Allinson Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Jack Dzich Drums

Lithos Facebook Group:

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