Two Limassol companies pioneer using virtual-economy stalls

OnThisIsland’s long-time friends and supporters at Gifts and Gadgets (Saripolou Street, Limassol) and newly found friends at Sayious Adventure Park (from our See Cyprus Excursions) have both ventured forward into the social-media-marketing arena and had their own discount-voucher-vending stalls setup in the virtual-online economy becoming known as the CatchyMarket.

The CatchyMarket is the a form of online store where players of the addictive game can trade their hard earned CatchyPoints for valuable vouchers. Having opened their invisible doors this morning we wait anxiously to see what more is to come from this online community which was launched out of an idea not more than a month ago.

The two stalls offer vouchers with savings ranging from 10% to 50%, and just in time for the Christmas season and the influx of returning students. However the difference between the CatchyMarket and other random voucher sites is that users are actively earning points and using them to reward themselves or their friends and loved ones, adding another atmosphere to voucher-based-shopping.

Why not head over and grab yourself some points, burn some time and exchange it for some cash savings! 🙂