Kyriakos Tavern Review (Nicosia)

Fat belly? Fat smile! returns with another restaurant review:


Address: 42 Griva Digeni, Aglandjia, Nicosia Telephone: +357 22 334471
Schedule: open everyday, closed on Sundays. everyday open from 18:30 for takeaway and 19:30 to eat in.
anywhere you can find…

Here you can find a variety of the Cypriot cuisine. Of course! Everyone loves their kebab on a hot summer night, eaten lazily in the garden… with plenty of lemon to make your eyes squint…

Actually, I have been driving past this discrete tavern for about 8 years now and it’s so discrete – yes, you guessed it! – I didn’t even notice it until recently when my mum made the connection of a few outdoors plastic tables and night lights with a couple of friendly waiters hurrying up and down with several dishes on either hand. Ah! That must be a nice little place to go sometime, she thought. And she was right. The food was excellent, the service was even better and the price was considerate with the current economic crisis – especially the Greek one.

Whether you are a fan of the traditional pork kebab, the more ‘modern version and with less calories’ of kebab – the chicken kebab, beef spare ribs, grilled mushrooms garnished with fresh lemon and olive oil, refreshing Village salad, the one-and-only sausage (without the garlic; just in case you go clubbing afterwards), not-soggy-and-not-dipped-in-oil-chips, warm pitta bread rushed in and out (of love?) of the kitchen (!) all the time to accompany the ‘clay type’ village yoghurt – not the runny yoghurt, but the awesome thick and creamy one – with a pinch of fresh mint on top to complete the picture…you will not leave with a flat – desired/preferred/summery – belly!

Casual wear, friendly atmosphere, a light breeze in your hair, appetizing smells..mmm! Sounds like a plan to me!

“Really, you are what you eat! I mean, look at pigs…No wonder the Muslims call pork the dirtiest meat. Afterall, they do eat their ‘left-overs’ and I don’t mean the ones on the plate! “ kitx


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