A Japanese Festival @ Tripoli Park (Nicosia)

A Japanese Festival, Nicosia, Cyprus
OtakuCy is proud to announce ‘A Japanese Festival’ aiming at celebrating a fusion of both traditional and modern Japan with the support of the Embassy of Japan in Greece and our many participants.

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*Free Entrance* at the Urban Soul Festival (http://www.facebook.com/events/394179537310729)

OtakuCy will attempt to decorate the Japanese Festival akin to a traditional matsuri (using elements such as paper lanterns, koinobori and red & white table decorations).

The Japanese Festival will include:

Bujinkan Dojo of Sensei Elias Charalambous will be providing live ninjutsu demonstrations along with the assistance of his dojos students in both armed and unarmed disciplines

Cyprus Go Association will be teaching visitors how to play Go

East Asian Film & TV Drama Appreciation Society (http://www.facebook.com/groups/297593273601208) will be providing home cooked traditional Japanese festival snacks and handicrafts such as festival fans

Miguel Matayoshi will be running an origami workshop

Loris Lysiotis will be demonstrating his love of Japanese calligraphy by decorating paper, hands and faces alike

Local manga artists will come together to show their latest character and story board ideas and educate the public about the manga art style. There will also be a table available with paper and pens for visitors to try their hand at this popular graphic style. (Artists: Christis Christoforou, Stavros Christoforou, Stella Violari, Theodora Andarti, Orfeas Ganitis)

Pokemon & Yu Gi Oh TCG societies will be inviting younger visitors to learn how to play two of the most wildly popular trading card games of recent generations

Leonidas Georgiou will be singing Enka favourites (such as Sensei by Masako Mori), live, later in the evening.

Manga & Book Library: An area aimed at relaxation covered in pillows, bean bags and throws so that people may lay back and peruse OtakuCys large Japan-related book & magazine library.

Throughout the night there will be showings of documentaries about Japan as well as short films and artistic anime cuts. A mixture of traditional and popular Japanese music will be played throughout the day.

OtakuCys members will be attempting to provide traditional festival games such as kingyo-sukui (goldfish scooping) as well as a portable video game meetup and console set up focusing on favourite Japanese video games.

The environment is cosplay & yukata friendly! A number of participants will be donning festival yukatas and happi (traditional festive wear) while the general public will be encouraged to join in either as their favourite pop culture characters or in kimonos and yukatas or other traditional dress.

One member of OtakuCy will be circulating in full Kabuki dress and behaving very much in-character for the passers-by.

More to come!

Event contributed to OnThisIsland.com by Peter Anders Hvass through the Cyprus Events Application on facebook.

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