iFedde – Fedde Le Grand iPhone Application

For all you Fedde le Grand fans, we’ve just been notified about the official iFedde application for the iPhone.

According to our sources it provides a 360 degree take on Fedde’s outstanding website. It also integrates flawlessly with the current user community and enables you to upload images, chat, keep up-to-date with the DJ’s news and even message Fedde directly.

From the official press release :

“Apps are nothing new in this age dominated by apple products. There are hundreds of thousands of quirky things you can do with your iPhone or iPod touch, but until now ‘artist’ apps have done exactly what they say they’ll do and not much else. The Fedde le Grand app or iFedde as we’re calling will take things forward…. and then some. “

iFedde is LIVE in the app store right now.  All you’ll need to do is to complete a 30 second registration process once downloaded – it couldn’t be easier!

Download iFedde
View iFedde tutorial