Guaba Opening Fiesta 2013 (Limassol)


Easter Monday 6th May 2013 – Guaba Opening Fiesta 

This is always the most emotional moment for me when a whole Guaba season is over and I get down to writing a big thank you to everyone. Whilst writing this, memories come to life with all the amazing moments we all shared together, at a place where each of us can be their selves, with no expectations or criticisms. A massive thank you goes out to everyone who participated in the Guaba Journey with us this year. It definitely has proven to be the best season yet, by keeping Guaba fresh and unique as it always has been.
I would also like to say a very big thank you and respect to all the Guaba team, who managed to work with utmost passion, devotion and high standards. Perfection can only be touched through constant improvement and that is what we strive in doing every year. Having said that, we have already started to plan and organize the Summer 2013 Guaba Journey, which will hit the world with a lot of surprises and changes including a revolutionized DJ Box! Our aim is to make you happy and we will continue doing so!

Just to give you Guabians a head start…. Book your flights, & cancel any other appointments because…

Guaba Opening Fiesta – Easter Monday 6th May 2013.



Event contributed to by Hector Kolonas through the Cyprus Events Application on facebook.