Dance, for f*ck’s sake!

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What is it with these preening poseurs who go to all these bar/clubs waiting for some magazine like Vivendi to come and take pictures of them so that they can pretend to be a little bit famous while pretending to have fun? Is it the law that when we go to these places we must stand and bop our heads up and down while holding our drinks and smoking our Habanos or (if female) clutch our Louis Vuittons and grin annoyingly? Don’t people know how to have fun in these places? Don’t people dance/sing/party/make out/ get drunk and jump around anymore?

The music at places like Graffiti in Limassol’s old town is ever so cool, but the people only pretend to be. DJ Ravin played there a couple of times recently- most people had never heard of him.

On the other hand, the music at Retro Metropole is older than my grandmother and yet the people who go there know how to have fun. They drink (liberally), dance (as if they’re involved in mating rituals), and have fun the whole night through.

The old town is fast becoming the place to be if you’re in your late 20s or early 30s and out to have fun. The tourist area is increasingly becoming the place where teenagers go to have bar fights. In one small part of the old town you will find 127, a café/bar which is a great place to chill out; Barfly, where aficionados of electronic music gather to shake their stuff; 7 Seas Music Bar, a part of the new development by Columbia, Graffiti Bar and Centrale (kind of a smaller version of Graffiti, with a slightly younger crowd, less house music and more R&B). Retro Metropole is a walk away, unless you’re drunk, in which case it is quite a trek. Then there are some very decent restaurants dotted around the area. In short, you could spend your Saturday evening and night there, right up until the crack of Sunday.

But do me a f*cking favour. Get your ass off those couches and shake it. Get on that dance floor (although Graffiti doesn’t really have one) and move your stuff. Drink, dance, laugh, enjoy yourself. Who cares what others think? Do you really think those people in those magazines are having fun? Do you really want to be like them?

Stop posing, put down your big fat cigar or your handbag and dance. That’s what the music is there for. Otherwise we might as well turn all the lights on and put on Celine Dion. In which case, I might as well go home and get some f*cking beauty sleep. After last weekend, I know I need it.

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