Games Releases (8 – 12 February 2010)

Games Releases (8 – 12 February 2010)

It’s an easy choice this week. The original Bioshock brought to our screens one of the most wonderfully created worlds in recent gaming memory. The under the ocean city of Rapture. Gorgeous art complemented by a wonderful score really gave to the gamer the feeling that this place actually existed. Add to that an  iconic game character, Big Daddy.

Now there is a sequel, “Set approximately 10 years after the events of the original BioShock, the halls of Rapture once again echo with sins of the past.

Bioshock 2 is game of the week (Video trailer)


Bioshock 2


Bioshock 2
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International


Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll


Bioshock 2
The Wispered World
Stargate Resistance


Phantasy Star Zero

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