Games Releases (15 – 19 March 2010)

To many PS3 owners God of War III is the reason they have stayed loyal to the battered Playstation brand. It depicts everything that is great about videogames. Fantastic graphics, superbly refined gameplay, a great anti-hero in the form of Kratos and of course Greek Mythology (which the series is loosely based on). It’s unfortunate for Sony that coinciding with probably their most important software release for the year is the shortage of PS3s. GoW III has been extremely well received by the gaming media

Eurogamer review 9/10

“God of War III is exactly the experience fans are expecting, most likely. It’s polished but never impersonal, vast and explosive but never merely deafening. It’s Scalextric adventuring, to be sure, but you’ll rarely feel as confident to let a game lead you down the track, safe in the knowledge that it’s only going to tug you towards fun.”

If there is still a question mark, God of War III is game of the week.

This week also sees the release of a few more excellent titles though. If you are a PC/360 owner Metro 2033: The Last Refuge is a game that has been relatively under the radar but looks like it’s a very good game. Also for all those people who owned Nintendo 64 at some stage in their life, Perfect Dark is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. I never played it but maybe it’s time to finally check it out.


Metro 2033: The Last Refuge
Perfect Dark (XBLA)

Moto GP 09/10
Supreme Commander 2
Dragon Age: Awakening
Blaz Blue: Calamity Trigger


God of War III
Moto GP 09/10


Metro 2033: The Last Refuge
Command & Conquer 4
Dragon Age: Awakening

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