Flying Away Art and Music Festival @ Orfeas Stadium (Nicosia)

Flying Away Art Music and Dance Festival & MIX FM present – “Back to Mind” – 7
After nearly fours years of renowned success, Flying Away Art Music and Dance Festival, and MIX FM presents and hosts its seventh festival, Back to Mind, commemorating each festival held till now.

Flying Away Art Music and Dance Festival, prides itself in being a local Cypriot festival and the meeting point for professional and amateur Cypriot and Foreign artists involved in painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry, fashion, new media art, performers, dancers, musicians, DJ’s and much more.

Joining us this year, an overall of 150 local artists including 70 art stalls where artists will exhibit their work, 14 local DJ’s performing their art on the decks, 2 music bands, live performances, activities, conceptual theatrical installations and much more.

Flying Away, is a space for interaction and interrelation, and acts as a home, where the festival encourages participants to share their ideas, raise the profile of their projects, present their products and works and contact with professionals working in similar areas at a leading festival on the local scene.

Maybe not the first, but perhaps the biggest and most original, state-of-the-art-festival on the island until now.

When we began Flying Away Art, Music & Dance Festival, our motive was to bring local artists together, support them, promote them and help them form social bonds between themselves and people who would come and see our vision and theirs in one place, at one time. The festival brings our local artists and industry together using participatory ideas.

As a festival on the local scene, without having a strong base, when we began; today we have a minimum of 3000 visitors each festival. We are the first of our kind that managed to bring together a diverse culture and a wide range of people from various demographics.

Society has changed. Life is on the fast track. Everything is moving rapidly and people think they need everything that makes their lives easier. This means working more to make more money, to satisfy their elevating and increasing needs. However, this leads to having less time for the simple things that make you happy in life. Art and Music.

For just a minute, imagine the world without art. Art is a huge part of our everyday lives, and we dont even realize it. Take a look at the table or desk youre sitting at right now, and just for a minute recognize that someone designed it. It is art. The clothes and shoes you wear is art. Your coffee cup is art. All well prepared functional design is art.

Art creates awareness. It helps make people take a closer look at social issues going on worldwide. It helps people pay attention to others and their emotions. It brings people, objects and life matter together as one. It helps people see what is really there and cannot be easily perceived. The artist brings out feelings that could have not been felt without art.

Music is a crucial element at different times of our lives. Some people claim that music is a necessity and a part of their daily routines, and without music they cannot function properly. This might sound like an overstatement, however, unconsciously music plays a huge role in everybodys lives.

Join us for these three days. Forget all the things you have to do, and come fly away and discover with us the real meaning of art and music.

Come discover life.

3 years of History in the making.
3 years of Simplicity and Quality.
3 years of Supporting the Local Artists.
3 years of Art and Music.
3 years of Keeping it Real.

We can’t be UnOriginal.

3 Days full of Art
3 Days full of Music

For these three days God is an Artist

Its all about Simplicity and Quality of Life

For more information please feel free to contact us:

96 670 494
[email protected]


During the festival (exhibition) each one of you will have the chance to talk to each artist and you also have the opportunity to buy straight away whatever you like from the exhibition.

During the festival (exhibition) each one of you will have the chance to listen to each individual Dj as they perform their art and work on the decks.


FRIDAY 7 SEPTEMBER: Orfeas Stadium, Nicosia, Cyprus
>>> 18:00 00:00 <<< CONCEPTUAL FRIDAY LINE UP 18:00 20:00 Cousin & Co. (Trip Hop/ dub) 20:00 20:30 Speech by (TBA) 20:30 22:00 Conceptual Theatrical Installation 22:00 00:00 Live Show (TBA) DESIGNER LINE UP (Conceptual Theatrical Installation) New Upcoming Designers: Elena Elia – Limoncello Antrea Panagidou – Wing By AnTrea PanagiDou Andreas Zannetides – Andreas Z. Menelaos Theodosiades – Theom Design Polina Nearchou – Polina HAIR STYLISTS Mohawk Hair Studio >>> CHANGE OF LOCATION (after party): bar 10.16 <<< >>> 00:00 – Late <<< 00:00 01:30 – Coz (Deep house/ Tech house/ Techno) 01:30 03:00 – Chriss & Nick Savva (Techno) 03:00 Late – The Vinyl Mafia – Palazis (Deep Tech/ Funky house) —————————————————- SATURDAY 8 SEPTEMBER: Orfeas Stadium, Nicosia, Cyprus >>> 18:00 00:00 <<< ELECTRI-FLYING SATURDAY LINE UP 18:00 19:30 – Elena T (Progressive/ Techno House) 19:30 21:00 – Goofy (Deep and Tech House) 21:00 22:30 – POL.eM (Deep Tech House/ Progressive) 22:30 00:00 – Alex Cle (Deep house/ Tech house/ Funky house/ Club house/ Progressive house) >>> CHANGE OF LOCATION (after party): bar 10.16 <<< >>> 00:00 – Late <<< 00:00 Late I.O.D. (Optional Realism) Titsy Ross Plusmatic Bangla Design —————————————————- SUNDAY 9 SEPTEMBER: Orfeas Stadium, Nicosia, Cyprus >>> 18:00 00:00 <<< CHILL OUT SUNDAY LINE UP 18:00 19:30 – TBA 19:30 21:00 – Pakman (Reggae/ dub) 21:00 22:30 – Magounda Kinousa (Reggae Live) 22:30 00:00 – Rave Monster (Dubstep/ DnB) >>> CHANGE OF LOCATION (after party): Scarabeo <<< >>> 00:00 – Late <<< 00:00 Late Rude Boyz + Guests Pakman (Reggae/dub) Portiero (dub/Roots Reggae) —————————————————- >>> ACTIVITIES <<< Capoeira Juggling Massage Martial Arts Yoga Dance Performances Wall Climbing Face Painting —————————————————- >>> FACILITIES <<<

More than 70 art stalls.
Main Stage Large Dance Open Air Area.
Various food kiosks.
Bar Services.
Playground for the Flying Away Children.
Medical Care.



I.O.D – Insurrectionist Optional Dolphins

Titsy Ross
Bangla Design

“I overdose anything is everything.
We od’d and became fanatic breathers of moving sound sculptures.
We are fulfilling the self-proclaimed only craft. I like plasticized music.”

Artists they like:
Maayan Nidam, Roman Flugel, Off, Bigod 20, International Pony

Magounda Kinousa is a reggae group from Limassol that was formed in August 2010. There are five members in this band which are:

Mr Geonico: vocals, guitar
Stefanos Iasonides: electric guitar
Christos Stylianou: keyboards, backing vocals
Petros Michael: bass
Andreas Stefanou: drums & percussion

Having a series of successful events since 2011, Rave Monster has provided ravers all across Cyprus with the finest sounds of Dubstep D&B. They provide quality event’s and promise only the best for our fellow ravers.



Snneakyy :

The Vinyl Mafia aka Michael Palazis was born in Athens and raised in Cyprus. His love for electronic music began in 1998 where he was living in New York at the time, and was influenced by great Dj’s like Danny Tenaglia, Junior Vasquez, Sasha & Digweed and more others.
When he came back to Cyprus, he opened The Vinyl Bar which was the first bar for electronic music in Nicosia.
Now he plays in various clubs and festivals like Vee Club, Klub D, Flying Away festival, Lotus Summer Festival, Guaba Bar and more to come. His sounds is deep-tech & funky house.

Christos Karpasitis aka Chris Karpas, is a Cypriot DJ/Producer that has been in the electronic scene for more than 6 years.
Being obsessed with music from a young age, he soon realized his admiration for Electronic Music.
This esteem was soon converted into passion and after experimenting for a while he made his official debut in 2008
behind the decks of club Cosmic Ballroom in Newcastle Upon Tyne. His Djing aptitudes and influences were urbanized while
studying in UK and by performing in various gigs he took his Djing skills to the next level.

In 2009 he achieved winning a DJ contest in the UK and in 2010 he started producing his own House/Progressive House music.
His track Charisma (Original Mix) was the highest voted track in an International Online Competition, generating a great
response with almost 1400 votes and more than 5500 views worldwide. According to the competition experts,
those statistics were really impressive. Chris performed in many other popular clubs in North East England such as:
Tiger Tiger, World Headquarters, Tup Tup Palace, Hoko 10, Empress, just to name a few. Nowadays, his live sets as well
as his tracks are a combination of House, Progressive House and Tech House tunes.

Currently Chris Karpas works for numerous record labels around the world including Acuna Boys Productions (Sub-label of ABP Entertainment in UK), One Sound Records,
Italica Records, Kiss Dance Records, Pitchbend Recordings and Elektrify Records. His latest summer release “Lagoon” was reported by “DJTUNES” as the best selling track of Acuna Boys Productions
and is supported by numerous artists and radio stations around the world including DJ Markus Schulz and Frisky Radio.

With scheduled guest appearances around Cyprus and UK, and with new releases coming up speaks for himself for nothing less than a promising future.

Elena T full name(Eleni Theocharous), was born in Cyprus in 1986. Her interest in music begun at the age of 8 when she had her first lessons of acoustic and electric guitar! Every sound that came from her guitar was a unique feeling, an escape of body and soul. After that her passion for music became a way of living leading to a love affair with electronic sounds. At the age of 18 she started mixing using laptop software and started playing at private parties and later in various bars.

Through time and after buying her first professional mixer and players at the age of 20 all her hard work has paid off she has played around popular venues in Cyprus and has been hosted on air shows like Planetmusiclive & BlueRaccoon in a progressive & techno house mood.
She represented Cyprus in Berlin at Plug European Electronic conference and has also performed in famous club in Berlin.

This girl lives and breathes for electronic music and underground beats!

Pakman can hardly call himself a DJ, but playing music lets his innersoul express. He is addicted to break beats mostly dub, trip hop and d n b. When he listens to a good quitar or saxophone solo, its just like having sex for the first time. He doesn’t know the reason why he was born yet, but apparently its to make alcohol companies and manufacturers richer. He currently plays in various locations, but his resident is Scarabeo and Scarabeo Beach. His favorite quote is everything is fucked up as usual but then again everything is funk dub as usual.

Dj Goofy has been always a fun of music and djing. When he was a kid he was drilling over dj decks until he managed to get a set of his own. His plan was always simple. Make people happy through his music. From his early teenage years he booked gigs and organized parties and events as well as dj’ed from one party to another with every given chance. Being a big fan of dance music artists he formed frienly relations with radio djs who he helped by making cds and upgrading their radio sets. They on return helped him by allowing him to play as a guest dj on their radio programs. Back then the nickname goofy hadn’t been formed yet and cds were just getting to be the new era. It was not until he was 16 that the nickname goofy was formed manely from his goofy jokes that he made with his classmates. Back then in the 90s he was starting to be manely influenced by electronic music and started to gather his collection of electronic music. He finally managed to purchase his long dreamed first set of dj decks. He organized parties and events in Cyprus and in England during his studies abroad with societies and clubs in the UK univeristies. Dj Goofy’s dream of making people happy through his music continued. He worked at various nightclubs both in Cyprus and in the UK. Music is a universal language and as dj goofy strongly believes we are all one, we are all connected. Every human being has many talents that he must explore and not let them be burried under the ground. In 2010 Dj Goofy attended a music production course at LSS in London one of his most beloved cities. His dream to make a record release with his favourite label azuli is one we could fairly wait to see and hope everyone enjoys the journey while he is at it. Dj Goofy is a soundcloud member and currently Djs at Sushi La Nicosia and Seven Lounge Bar with a new sellection of deep and tech house each time. The target will always remain the same: make people happy!! Be sure that the best is yet to come.

Alex Cle was always fascinated by dance rhythms. Be it Michael Jackson or Deep Dish, Alex was since forever moving his feet to the beat something that made him from a very early age start composing his own mix tapes just so the melodies dont stop. It all started falling in place with no real effort. Alex was the one providing mix tapes for house parties, not even knowing that what he was doing had a name. It was then clear at the age of 15 that a career as a Dj was inevitable.

He has since been spinning all type of house music to rooms, clubs, bars, pools, beaches, fashion shows, boats and anywhere else speakers can be installed. Played along side many international superstar dj/producers like Hernan Cattaneo, Sultan, Jennifer Renne, Marri Ferrari, Nadia Ali and Ally & Filla all helped him establish his name within his region.

Fortunately simply Djing would not be enough. Alex was always looking for something more from his residencies and events. It was thus a chance to capture the moment and formed his own event organizing crew named MALOCHICO. Since 2006, MALOCHICO has been providing themed nights and crazy ideas taking both himself and his ideas to the next level. Handling everything from sounds, drinks, shows, concepts, MALOCHICO always puts flesh to ideas that upgrade the nightlife of its region.

After putting in place all aspects a concept might need to succeed, he then enjoys playing any type of sounds coming from the trees of house. Deep house, Tech house, Funky house, Club house, Progressive house are all in the mix. Energy is what he brings and party is what he does.

Coz has been in the scene for quite some time. Picking up his first set of deck during his studies in USA, has since moved a long way in understanding and appreciating quality sounds. His deep and tech urges in combination with good technology has driven him to continue for all this time. His sound varies from house to deep house to tech house but never really settles in the frames of a genre.

During his 11 year progression, Coz has since appeared in numerous places both in Cyprus as well as abroad. He has played along with some of the best djs that have been dominating the scene for many years, such as Nick Warren & Dave Seaman and also currently holds residency at the vinyl Bar (Nicosia).
His often appearances in Klubd (, considered one of the best dance clubs in Cyprus and not only, has further contributed towards his reputation and urge to develop even further.

Coz has also released sets in airtime for both Protonradio ( as well as frisky Radio ( and other local stations.

eMusic is a passion and such it must remain.

Born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1974, POL.eM grew up surrounded by the sounds of his parents disco music.

In 1996 he managed to Dj in one of Limassol’s best Clubs, along with Dj Manic Mike till 1998.

Five years later, he decided to take a break and went to Bristol UK to study. Stayed there for 2 yrs before moving back to CY Nicosia as a Graphic Designer / Animator.

10 yrs later decided to rejoin the music scene.

Deep Tech House & Progressive tunes is what he loves playing most.

Nicky Z aka Nicolas Zannettos was born and raised in Cyprus. Being a music addict from his early steps, he soon found his self in love with Electronic Music. The appreciation was soon turned into passion and after experimenting for few years he made his official debut in 2006 behind the decks of club Volume in Nicosia. When he moved to the UK for his studies his influences and understandings about DJing were developed. Performing in various gigs as well as organizing his own nights around Northwest England, he took his DJing to the next level. In 2008 he won a DJ contest in the UK and received the best possible comments. According to Lancashire Evening Post Newspaper, “Nicky was well received and fit in perfectly between genres of all styles even gaining requests for a return appearance. The feedback from the clubbers was fantastic.” Music-wise he experimented with various styles, and finally found his self-accommodated best within House influenced music. Nowadays his live sets as well as his podcasts, are a blend of traditional house covered with techy beats and boosted with techno.

Chriss & Nick Savva play music individually for 7 years and together for 3 years but their passion for electronic music started in the early teenage trying to mix tracks with tapes and cds in a stereo and about 7 years ago they started individually playing in various small events and parties. The fusion started at Klubd Nicosia playing techno and tech house for the last 3 years.
Artists they Like: Slam, Gary Beck, Erphun, Adam Beyer..

Event contributed to by Sarah ‘Sully’ through the Cyprus Events Application on facebook.