Flashmob in Nicosia : Wallpeople

Nicosia will be part of a street photos mural, an open space street art event, shared among many people around the world together with Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rome, Lisbon, Sevilla, Valencia, Budapest and many other cities on the 10th of April 2010.

The aim is to set up the biggest photos wall mural around the world.

To do this everyone of us, in every city, in the same hour and day, will take his own photo/s to put up on the wall.

All around the wall different artists, street artists and djs will beautify the place and entertain to attract more and more of our local enthusiasm about gatherings and the way art connects us.

Let our imagination flow!

The location will be announced soon, keep an eye on this site for more info.

About Wallpeople
Wallpeople is a cultural project whose main objective is to bring people together in order to create and entertain, be part of a moment on a specific urban place while composing a unique non-repeatable work of art made by hundreds of people.

Different artistic and urban projects in remarkable places in any cities of the world with Barcelona like core place.
Collaborative art where people help to create a unique unrepeatable work like an artistic flashmob
As a creative and common work we are open to new groups in other cities joining to let grow the project.

The Concept
A huge photowall.
One huge photo made by many photos in different sizes, colours and shapes.
A collaborative photo mural, a unique work created by many artists’ contribution (their photos)
Only participating people and assistants could enjoy live work!
Then everything will leave in a moment, a memory, only one photo made by many photos!

• Select your city (eg. Wallpeople Nicosia) and join its Facebook group to keep yourself informed and sign up for the event in your area.
• Become a Wallpeople fan in Facebook to find out all the news about the global project.
• Each city will tell the participants the event’s exact location.
• Saturday April 10th, 2010 at 17h go to the indicated place with one or more printed pictures.
• The theme and sizes are free, but giant images (eg. 1x1meters) or which may offend sensitivities will not be accepted.
• The time wall creation is from 17h to 17.30h and the exposure time from 17.30h to 19h.

Wallpeople respect street forniture and urban buildings.
Wallpeople is an artistic and cultural project.
The organization such as the assistant/participating people pursue a positive and peaceful aim
All the photos will come back to their owners.
Wallpeople is a no profit event.