Fedde Le Grand interviewed!

We caught up with Fedde Le Grand this week and seeing as though he’s playing on another party island we fired a few questions at him about social networks, his perfect gig, playing in Cyprus and what advice he could offer to aspiring DJs island-wide.

OTI : Hello and welcome to the one and only Fedde Le Grand! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few quick questions for the readers of OnThisIsland.com!

FLG : [audio:http://www2.onthisisland.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/flgonthisisland.mp3|autostart=yes|titles=Fedde Le Grand OnThisIsland.com Greeting]

OTI : We’re catching up with you in anticipation of you performance at Paradise Club in Mykonos, how are you feeling about that? Have you played there before?

FLG : I have yes, it’s one of my favourite places to play actually, it’s such a unique club with the dance floor that goes out onto the beach and the atmosphere is always amazing. I’m actually playing there twice this summer, once on July 28th and then again on August 17th so I get to enjoy double Greek hospitality 🙂 I’m very much looking forward to seeing everyone again so make sure you’re down there on the dance floor!

OTI : We know you’ve had massive nights in Ibiza with great guest DJs. Could more islands expect to see more of you and your friends in the future?

FLG : Well I’m back out in Ibiza this summer, I’m taking my Takeover tour to Pacha once a month on a Friday, I’m thrilled to have been asked back 🙂
It’s such a legendary club and so much history there, when you step behind the decks and you think about all the people who have played there, it’s a very special feeling.

OTI : A big question we always ask DJs of your caliber is… Have you heard about playing in Cyprus?
And if yes, from who? We hope they managed to make you consider some gigs on this island.

FLG : I have heard other guys talk about it and they’ve always said they’ve had a great time over there. I know of course that Cyprus has always been big for garage music, maybe I could do a special garage set 😉

OTI : You would be surprised! 🙂 Now, there is something that we noticed about your style, you’re very into your social media. Tweeting before and after gigs, youtube video-blogging, etc. Do you think that this and your feddelegrand.com community play a role in continuing your successes across the world?

FLG : Haha yes I am very much into Twitter – I think I’m addicted! But yes, for me social media and the whole digital communication idea is really important for establishing and keeping a direct and real link between me and people all around the world. My website, for example, I don’t really call it just a ‘website’ because I feel it’s more of a community. I don’t think fan websites should be just a one-way method of communication where I throw information out at you and expect you to bite all the time. I want to have more of a conversation with people who are into my music, and I also want to know what other people are doing.
That’s why on
www.feddelegrand.com people are members, and they have their own pages, they can update it with what they’re doing, they can put videos and pictures up online and share them with other members, they can chat in forums and swap ideas or send me questions or even chat to me if I have time to go online. But we also let home producers put their own tracks up on the site, we give them a holding page to host music which they can actually use to put their productions over other social sites like Facebook and MySpace.
Members vote for tracks they like and we actually have our own online charts where the music gets rated and can rise and fall. I always take a look at the charts and every month I’ll pick tracks for my own personal chart. If I really like a track, there’s also the chance that I’ll pull it onto Flamingo Recordings for a full release – we’ve already done that with one member and it was very exciting! It’s just about giving something back and having more of a relationship with people instead of just being this guy behind the DJ booth. It’s something I’m actually really passionate about.

OTI : You have travelled the world, played for millions, what advice can you give to young DJs from the islands who want to lead the life you live?

FLG : Work, and be prepared to work hard. I know so many great DJs who are so talented but never made it out of their bedrooms because they just didn’t want to work for it. That’s fine if it’s a hobby and you want to keep it for fun – but if you seriously want to make this your job then there is a lot of competition out there and guys just as good as you who want it just as much. You have to be passionate about music, you must know what kind of sound and direction you want to go with, and don’t be afraid of asking for help, or speaking to people inside the industry for advice and contacts. If you have a good attitude, a great work ethic and you’re talented, then the ball is in your court to see how far you can go.

OTI : On an ending note… for a perfect gig, where would it be and who would play?

FLG : Well it’s funny you should ask me that, because that’s what a lot of people ask me and this winter, I sat down and thought, you know what – I should be throwing my perfect party! So me and my team came up with the Takeover Tour, which is basically where I take over clubs or festivals and bring in my party J I control everything, so the lighting and sound and the visuals that are all around you, to the music policy and line-up. I’ve got some of my favourite DJs coming with me to various locations around the world including my residency at Ministry of Sound in London, Pacha in Ibiza, the Love Parade in Germany and many more – I guess you could say this is my Summer Takeover! 🙂 I think the only way I could make it more than perfect is if Michael Jackson could suddenly pop up in the DJ booth but sadly that will never happen now…

We’d like to thank Fedde Le Grand once more for taking the time to answer these questions and hope that you all found it an interesting read! Feel free to drop your comments below and share this with your friends 🙂