FB Worm Hits Cypriots!

A few hours ago, I blogged about the surge in friends on Facebook who were being falling victim or were being targeted by the latest spam-scam to hit the social network, on my personal blog.

In brief…

If you are tagged by a friend in a picture that contains a link to a .info website to see a video of a young lady tragically committing suicide in front of her camera, please DO NOT click the link.

More information is available on the blog post about the facebook virus here.

Having watched it spread across my own personal network of friends, against my best efforts to warn my friends and get them to warn theirs, I noticed that the scam has started targeting more and more Cypriots, having the article text contain the words ‘Cyprus’, ‘Cypriot’ and ‘United Kingdom’. Could this be an online attack against the Cypriots online, or are we just the easiest fooled?

Update: Like Ektagon on Facebook for a blow-by-blow coverage of the fight between FB and the little annoying spam-scam.


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