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After a request on Cypriot cuisine, I have put all my food expertise into this special Christmas edition for all you food lovers and ‘meze lovers’. Below, you can find personally selected taverns/restaurants which specialise on certain local dishes, this time in the region of Nicosia. You can have these few in mind when you are feeling hungry during this festive period of the year. Just beware not to overdo it…remember last Christmas?

Personal Suggestions:

Zannetos tavern – Old Nicosia – Meze
Kazamias restaurant – Akropoli – Mix Grill Platter
Kyriakos restaurant – Strovolos – Meze

ZANNETOS TAVERN – for a great variety of dishes for a bit more special occasions!

Location: Trikoupi 65, Old Nicosia
Telephone: 22 765501zannetos
Schedule: Everyday from 6 PM onwards. Closed on Mondays.
Directions: From OXI roundabout go down towards the old part of Nicosia. Keep going straight and you will see it on your right. It’s not very obvious when you are driving, but pay attention to the sign.
Parking: Anywhere you can find really, it’s a very narrow street so take care when parking.
Seating: Inside and outside, but the outside is now covered for obvious reasons.
Service: Good.
Speciality: Meze. Also some fasting dishes including fish, mushrooms and snails.
Price: EUR 18 per person, including meze, fruit, dessert, coffee. Drinks are extra.
Parties/Events: Yes, if pre ordered 1 day before.

T – for a casual, cheap night out with good food and even better company!

Location: Akropoleos avenue, Akropolimixed grill platter
Telephone: 22 425212
Schedule: Monday to Friday: 12-3PM, 6.30-11PM. Saturday: 6.30-11PM. Closed on Sundays.
Directions: From the traffic lights of Kalispera, turn left. Go straight until you reach the traffic lights of McDonlads,Akropolis. Turn right. Go past the Akropolis Park on your right and reach the first traffic lights. Keep going straight and you will see it on your left in about 200 metres.
Parking: Behind the restaurant there is a parking lot, free for customers.
Seating: Inside and outside.
Service: Good.
Speciality: Mix grill platter, which includes chicken, pork, sausages, ribs etc.
Price: EUR 13
: Yes, if you pre order.

KYRIACOS TAVERN – for a family gathering to stuff yourselves and feel like you are guests in a friend’s house!

Location: Paleologou 5, Strovolos
Telephone: 22 497539
Schedule: Everyday from 6 PM onwards. Closed on Sundays.
Directions: Behind Choices outlet in Strovolos. If you don’t know where that is here is an alternative route: From Kalispera traffic lights turn left. Now you are on Athalassas avenue. From M&S Akropolis traffic lights keep going straight. Turn left from Multichoice traffic lights. Keep going straight. Before you reach the T-junction, take the last turning on your left.
Parking: Parking lot on the dead end of the street.
Seating: Inside for winter, outside for summer.
Service: Good.
Speciality: Meat meze, but vegetarian dishes available.
Price: EUR 18, including meze, fruit, coffee, dessert which is pourekkia! (you just can’t translate pourekkia, sorry, but you’ll have to try them to see what I mean!)
Parties/Events: Yes, if you pre order a couple of days in advance.

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A little something from me…

I have chosen only 3 taverns/restaurants from Nicosia which I think the overall rating is pretty high, when it comes to food, price and atmosphere. Check this space for the continuation of this Xmas Edition for the other areas of Cyprus.

The food in all 3 is fantastic. The price is friendly to your wallet. The atmosphere is even friendlier. All you need to take with you is some good company and an empty belly…as I reassure you will leave with a fatter belly and a fatter smile on your face from all 3 of them!

“Cooking is like lovemaking; you do it when you want it and how you want it!” – Mr. P.


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