Want an @facebook.com email addresss?

It appears that most users in Cyprus are gonna have to wait for the all new Facebook messaging system to reach our little island before we can get access to a @facebook.com email address, and move all our messaging to one central place. However we just discovered a way for users to request access to the new system. Simply goto this page, and click ‘Request Invitation’. We are unsure of the requirements or selection/distribution process of these invitations but figured we’d let you know anyways.

As for the actual system, in a live Q&A session, Marc Zuckerburg stated that this was not a gMail killer, but instead a way of keeping track of a conversation over varying mediums and device types.

The system will allow for one simultaneous conversation page, wether you are chatting live, emailing or event texting. The idea is brilliant in an ideal world, but in the paranoid and scary world we live in… is this a good thing or bad  thing?

Let us know what you think…

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