Cyprus Winter Ideas – The Magic of Ski-and-Sea

ski troodosIronically, you find seashells in two locations on this island: the obvious one is the beach, but do you know where fossilized shells are found? If you said Troodos (which lifted the seabed with it when it rose), you’re right!

You’re also onto my suggestion for a great winter getaway. Celebrate the best the island has to offer by skiing in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. Just playing in the snow is exhilarating! Why not conclude the day at the sea?

If time permits, stay in one of the two hotels in Troodos. The Jubilee was a British Army Camp in 1935, but it shed those Spartan beginnings long ago. Now it’s a fine place to hang out by the fire with the family. The newly renovated Troodos Hotel is in the square, a slightly more happening location and it has free wifi. The superior rooms have glassed-in terraces with exquisite views of the sun rising majestically over the snowy peaks. A fine meal beside the fireplace is the perfect end to a day in the crisp clean snow, with the promise of more snow in the morning before heading to the beach.

snow trees

If a day-trip is your choice, pack hot drinks and a picnic and don’t forget your sunglasses, a camera and a football or Frisbee. If you’ll rent skis or sleds, be sure you get to Mt Olympus early, especially on weekends.

The crowds on the slopes aren’t the only attraction, though. The region is called the green heart of Cyprus because of the stately trees you wont find anywhere else on the island. Gaze at an ancient cedar tree, find a peaceful place inside yourself and let the world hurry past. Walk on unbroken snow and listen to bird songs filling the valley. Savoring the change of seasons is good for your soul.

It’s great to come down from the mountains and see the coast with fresh senses; you’re renewed by slipping away for a little while. Head to a beach by a harbor with some rocky coves and enjoy another playful activity: scavenger hunting for a shell souvenir of your winter break.

Scavenger hunt

After the storms have thrown sand and rocks onto the shore, it’s surprising how many delicate shells survive the rough waves. The brave may enjoy a bracing swim, while others are happier to walk beside the waves.  Discovering a heart shaped stone laid out like a love note just for you; watching as the sun is swallowed by the sea, winter’s magic moments are to be treasured in nature and good company, on this island.

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