Does Cyprus have a serious post problem?

With Christmas and New Year just passed, a lot of people are settling back into work. Checking email, returning to routine, and… well… finally getting their parcels and letters that were eagerly sent weeks before.

A lot can be said for the workload and strain on the postal service during the holiday periods, but with so many international postal services allowing senders to track their gifts and wishes, the problem lies within the shores of our beautiful island.

Parcels and letters of all sizes are landing on the island pretty efficiently, but then take days or weeks to get to their destinations according to some reports on social media (and our own experiences).

As we piece together a bigger piece on the problem, we invite you to share with us your tales of delayed or uber-prompt deliveries in the comments below.

We’d even recommend that you join the UNEX Survey to help them expose the bottlenecks in our beloved postal service (whilst earning some spending money on the side).

(Photo Source: eflon)