Confirmed! RLS can be caused by listening to Sandy Rivera!

This just in :

World health organisations stand poised to issue a direct warning to the general public following news that a free download from producer Sandy Rivera may cause listeners to suffer from RLS.

Reflex Leg Syndrome, or ‘dancing’ as it is more commonly referred to, is a frequent and common side effect of listening to any Rivera production. However authorities are increasingly worried that due to the free download available from, the problem may become far more widespread in just a matter of days.

Anyone tempted to access the free single is being urged by those in power to treat with caution and where possible keep volume levels down to a minimum. Common symptoms include the inability to stand still, the desire to move your body in a variety of compromising shapes and a disturbing trend to head straight for the nearest dance floor.

Sandy Rivera – RLS is not available from any drug store or national health service but only and exclusively on

Sandy’s new studio album Sandy Rivera presents The Blackwiz Farm is available from from April 26th and in major music stores and online portals from May 24th 2010.

For those of you who didn’t get it, Sandy Rivera is giving away a great bumpy track for FREE! 🙂