[Charity] Dragon Boat Challenge @ Famagusta Nautical Club (Limassol)

Dragon Boat Challenge – Cyprus 2012
Form a crew and face the challenge!

Rotaract Berengaria Cosmopolitan, is organizing the annual Dragon Boat Challenge on 14th of July 2012!

12 Boats of 20 paddlers per boat will be paddling for life raising awareness and funds for the anti-leukemia association “”.

Each race will include 3 boats (teams) with the winning team progressing to the next round automatically. The other two teams will be given a second chance to prove themselves. This ensures that each team will race the 250 distance at least twice.

If you believe that you are up for the challenge, if you want to promote your company, group or club, if you are confident that you are skilled enough to be part of this and to contribute for a good cause, simply fill in the participation forms.

Additionally, the Dragon Boat Challenge will be used by many companies as a team building event, requiring good coordination skills, fine communication between team members, disciplined team work, determination and effective cooperation. Furthermore, the sport promotes competition at a high level and is ideal for companies and organizations who encourage and develop such values.


1) Participation fee is 20/person (400/boat)
2) Minimum number of paddlers per boat is 16 and maximum 20.
3) If you are short in paddlers let us know. There are individuals who would like to join your team.
4) Submission of participations will have to be made until the 20th of June 2012
6) No previous experience in paddling a Dragon Boat is required although it is highly recommended to attend couple of trainings. Training sessions can be arranged directly with the Famagusta Nautical Club.

Sponsorship options are available. We expect attendance of the event to be very high, especially since all funds will be donated for a good cause! There will be beach activities including a live link during and after the main events.

Event contributed to OnThisIsland.com by Alexandra Petrovic through the Cyprus Events Application on facebook.

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