BREAKING: A Very Social Synergy is Announced

We’ve just been informed about a partnership that will change the way businesses are represented in Cyprus. A market leader partners itself up with an increasingly influential consultancy firm as they continue to produce impressive and memorable campaigns together.

Divine Advertising has been a leader in the Cypriot advertising market for some time now,having guided their many grateful clients through highly successful campaigns that span over two decades. Whether they are TV, Radio, Outdoor, Press, Printed Material, Guerrilla or Social campaigns, Divine Advertising has always been at the forefront of branding, communication and creative marketing.

Online marketing is no different. Divine Advertising began experimenting with the concept of social media marketing as early as 2007 when they started to work with Hector Kolonas with the idea of running a viral-beauty-contest through our website. The agency has continued to work closely with Hector throughout the years whilst he finished his degree and setup an online marketing consultancy company.

Ektagon Platforms Ltd was formed to provide platforms that were Viral-by-Design and other online marketing and management solutions to companies across the U.K. and Europe. A year after being founded and running several successful campaigns, an agreement has been officially announced forming an exclusive synergy between the young freelance consultancy company and the veterans of creativity and communications in the Cypriot market.

As of the 26th of January 2012, all Ektagon’s corporate platforms and social-media expertise are only available in Cyprus exclusively through Divine Advertising. Enhanced with long-term strategic planning, Divine’s creative ability, branding and superb offline-media support, this synergy guarantees 360 degree social-media campaigns that are aimed at creating an emphasis on fan engagement, not just fan or follower count.

George Theodorou, managing director of the reputable advertising agency commented “…this is an exceptional day, the agreement underlines Divine’s commitment to always maintain a lead in technology and new communications techniques”.

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