Beggar’s Blues Diary Live @ Stoa Backroom (Nicosia)

Undersound presents the Greek rockers “Beggar’s Blues Diary” at Stoa Backroom , along with the Cypriot band “Dirty Drew & the Badrollers” !


Beggars Blues Diary is a rock band, based in Athens Greece.
Founding memders Yannis Passas and Chili formed the band in June 2008. In late 2009 Angelos Tanis became the bands drummer. Their debut album Pavement Stories was released in April 2009 by Modal Records. That followed many live performances across Greece and TV appearances (MAD day live, Radio Arvila ANT1).

On November 2011, the bands second album Back to Basics was released by Modal Records. The songs Dove and The River have already reached hit single status in Greece hence included in the daily playlist of major radio stations, such as RED FM, Rock FM, 1055Rock, and TV channels across Greece and Cyprus such as MTV Greece, MTV Cyprus, MAD Channel.

The band released their 3rd album THE TRUTH (Records On Top), which is yet their best commercial effort with singles such as “Not my war” and “Truth” becoming very quick favourite rock singles both in Greece and Cyprus.

The band has given more than 100 shows around Greece between 2012-2013 as part of their Summer and Winter tours.

Main opening acts:
Opening for THIN LIZZY Gagarin 205 Athens
Opening for The Godfathers Kyttaro Athens Greece
Opening for Dan Reed – Bat City Athens

Dirty Drew & the Badrollers is a Dirty blues band from Cyprus and although it’s a new band it’s consisted by well known musicians and heavy drinkers (members from R.U.S.T and Shut’em down)

Event contributed to by Drew Andreou through the Cyprus Events Application on facebook.