A quick catch up with S7S…

We caught up with S7S and managed to get an exclusive interview and asked him about his plans for this highly anticipated Winter season.
OTI : “Its that time of the year, and rumours are floating about that you are flying back to Cyprus. When and where will you be performing this time round?
S7S : “I would just like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a happy vacation and a successful 2009. In terms of performances in Cyprus we’ve got a few things lined up in the Capital.
24th December – Blingin Christmas Eve – Master Tempo & S7S Live
26th December – The Big One – DJ S7S & Friends
2nd January – Rollout with DJ Andreano featuring DJ S7S
OTI : “…and the S7S Lockdown? Anything planned ?
S7S : “Things are looking up for the radio show, we have huge support from people around the world and I am blessed to be broadcasting to so many people. We have a special Christmas Lockdown show around the corner and I will be sure to keep OTI posted!
OTI : “Even if it was brief, thank you very much for your time S7S and we look forward to the Winter performances
S7S : “A huge thank you to OTI for their support and with any luck ill see you all in Nicosia to join me for a great night out! Bless

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